New Size Inclusive Designer, Gita Omri, Is Making Clothes For Every Body

“Not plus, not minus…just womenswear.” This is what the body positive, luxury collection from new size inclusive designer, Gita Omri, stands for. Gita made her New York Fashion Week debut on Friday, September 9th, 2022 where she showcased 37 looks for Spring/Summer 2023 with two models side by size in the same piece, one in a size 4 and the other in a size 20.  “Fashion knows no size and size knows no style limits,” says Gita whose desire is to make clothing for women of all sizes. Gita wanted to change the status quo and be the change she wishes to see in the fashion industry. She says, “We do not segregate with the sizing groups. We have one collection that is from size 0-30.”

Gita Omri Brown is an Israeli-American designer based in New York. Gita has made it her mission to achieve excellence in inclusive fashion design for women. The inspiration behind her luxury line comes from a personal place. As a woman who spent her life struggling with the size of her body and all the accompanying issues, Gita understands first-hand the need for inclusion and respect for all shapes and sizes in fashion. With her SS23 collection titled ‘Resilience,’ Gita says, “I find inspiration in the resilience of women. We all have our own journey, our own story. Fashion and clothing help tell our story to the world. Our bodies are a major part of our evolution; that’s why inclusive sizing is so important.” 

While Gita has shown four capsule collections to date on the runways of fashion weeks in New York and Vancouver, Gita  made her full collection runway debut for Spring 2023. On Friday, September 9th, 2022 she presented her range of modern designer womenswear that is truly a collection for every woman – Each look is sized from 0 to 30 so that regardless of one’s size, she can shop the Gita Omri collection.  The SS23 line includes a variety of flowy dresses, mid and maxi length skirts, crop tops, dress pants and blouses in bold colors, prints and graphic designs.

More women are joining the size acceptance movement and are demanding recognition of their need for high quality fashion forward clothing regardless of size. So now you can go to a fashion show and see someone who looks like you. A woman in attendance from Friday’s show commented, “For the first time in my life, I saw myself on the runway. I feel like I have a place in this industry now.”

“By providing an inclusive line we put to rest the alienating term “plus size” used to describe women who do not fit the archaic standards of beauty,” says Gita. By eliminating the split between the sizing groups and promoting body positivity, Gita’s hope is to lower the importance of belonging to one size group or another and bring back joy to the shopping experience. 

“As a brand, I am determined to bring together old-world sophistication with new-world values,” says Gita. “Most view fashion as synonymous with vanity. Our mission is to reintroduce fashion as a tool to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem. With my label, I seek to empower women to present themselves to the world in their true form with pride, acceptance, and authenticity.  We all deserve to look and feel our best regardless of our race, nationality, or SIZE.  Dignity has no size tag and fashion should reflect that.”

Designer: PR: Laura Perkins, Very New York, Photography Credit: Elvia Gobbo Photography (

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