Congratulations to my good friend and fashion collaborator Malcolm Staples on his Ebony Magazine Emerge Fashion Week photos.

What is the point of Fashion Week… This is the POINT, to get coverage for your Brand by Press/Media/Bloggers.  Take a read………….

Designers pay money to display their creations.  The Producers promise a good show, that’s the selling point.  How many DELIVER…… as you can see, Malcolm Staples got more than his money’s worth from the FABULOUS EMERGE Fashion Week Show (listed as one of the BEST FW Shows by Fashion Avenue News).  The cost to display a picture in Ebony is well worth the price of doing the show.  This is the entire point of Fashion Week from a Designers point of view. 

The point is to INVESTIGATE Fashion Week Shows BEFORE you pay your money.  Ask a designer or model that has done the show, ask if the show started on time, did they deliver all they said, etc., this is important because if you are serious about your brand, you want RESULTS.  Stop doing FW shows that only contact you when it’s time to PAY THEM.  Instead, look at shows you can develop a relationship with, that text just to say “Hello”, that contact you if there is something good for your brand, that communicate even if it’s not something they can make money on but is good for you. 

Designers, start looking at the QUALITY of the shows you do and not just because they say FASHION WEEK behind their name. For some of the price of the shows, you can rent a nice studio and do your own show, build your brand. Stop doing shows with RUDE security, back and front of the house people, you didn’t pay to be disrespected.  There is no reason for anyone to be spoken to in a rude manner, even if they are STRESSED!!!

Producers we know this is a business and everyone needs to make money, but live up to the promises you make to designers during the “give me your money” stage.  Don’t try to sell CELEBRITIES as most want FREE garments and don’t know you after they get the garment.  There are a few that will buy, but very few.  It can bring attention to your brand to have a Celebrity wear your garments, or attend your shows but most producer (not all) PAY CELEBRITIES TO ATTEND, so it’s not like, they LIKE YOUR SHOW.  Designers, build your brand so it stands on its own and not on the shoulders of Celebrities.

Finally, research, investigate and communicate before you start throwing your hard-earned money around to Fashion Week shows.  As you can see, EMERGE is an AMAZING show that DELIVERS. Keep up the good work D. Williams.

About Malcolm Staples:

Malcolm Staples is a Made to Measure Designer that can deliver.  He has many accolades; he won the $5,000 Fashion & Beauty Olympics, he is the most published fashion designer of 2021, he did photo shoots during the pandemic and much, much more.  For more info on Malcolm Staples, For more information on the Emerge show

All Photo Credits: Tony Ware – All Garments by Malcolm Staples, Show Emerge Fashion Week

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