BRANDS TO WATCH – Fusion Wear Brand Harleen Kaur

We are excited to highlight Harleen Kaur Brand – a brand that is environmentally and socially conscious. Take a look.

US based fusion wear brand Harleen Kaur offers a distinct aesthetic by combining traditional South Asian silhouettes with modern eclectic, Western concepts. Harleen Kaur sources fabric from around the world. From handmade Italian jacquards, to fine Japanese satin, to tulle hand-beaded in India, each piece is as culturally diverse as the society in which it belongs.

Brand Highlights:The environmental concerns around clothing manufacturing are more acute than ever before. The brand facilities work to the highest environmental and social standards and as they produce locally in the US. The price points aren’t that of fast fashion, but they compare well to mid-market fusion wear brands. 

  • Made in New York- Careful selections of factories that are compliant with labor and federal law
  •  Small batch production- Allows the brand to control the quality and reduce waste
  •  OEKO Tex- Ensure the end products does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, allergenic dyes and overall health long term
  •  Fabric Scrap- Turning scraps into pocket squares, headbands and facemasks to limit wastes
  •  Packaging- Use EcoEnclose 100% naturally biodegradable and recyclable material
  •  Hangtags- 100% recycled polyester brand labels

Source:  TLM Consultancy

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