Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand, is happy to release our February publications.

At Fashion Avenue News, we pride ourselves in consistently rising the bar higher and higher, continuing to challenge ourselves to be better than we were last month.

With the ability to connect and create partnerships with other global luxury brands, we see continual growth of our Press/Media Group.

We have recently covered Haute Couture Fashion Week, strengthen our business relationship with high end Disrupt Modeling Agency, who will have Model walking in New York Fashion Week, and continue to expand our relationships with the Queen of Style, Wendy “Boss Lady” Isaac. She has continued to elevate in her role as Editor-in-Chief of FAN Caribbean magazine, and expand her global TV Show, featuring new and fabulous designers.

Paul A. Walker, continues to strive as a content provider to numerous publications. As we grow, we are actively seeing photographers, fashion reporters, fashion journalist, tv host, that are interested in having a publishing home. If you would like to work with a publication where you can display your talent, have your work published and get Covers as well as Editorials, email us at: – Subject: Content Photographer.

The House of Sofia Couture will feature their Collection on Saturday February 12, 2022 at Atlantic City Fashion Week at the Show Boat Hotel. The collection is for the 10th Anniversary of ACFW producing a Fashion Week show and is entitle BLACK ELEGANCE. You can also see last seasons collection in the February issue, shot by the one and only Gerald Triglia. Visit for ticket info.

Check out our BEST FASHION WEEK SHOWS list in our February magazines. These are shows we attended and have shown consistency and professionalism. There are a lot of great shows out there and this is just a short list.

Lastly, support an indie publication, as we will be there when you need us. You can get a digital subscription of FAN for only $24.99, visit our website, click on the left side margin, digital subscription.

Thanks for your support.

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