Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand, is excited to be a Media Partner with Bronx Fashion Week.  Editor-in-Chief and Magazine Mogul, Sofia Davis says “I love what Flora is doing and I’m with her for the long run as a Media Partner.”

Model Auditions will be held this coming Monday, March 6, see the attached flyer and come on out and audition.


Executive Producer Flora Montes, has been a busy fashion diva putting everything in place.  Bronx Fashion Week attracts numerous Media and Press elite.

About Flora Montes and Bronx Fashion Week

CEO Flora Montes says “Bronx Fashion Week will bring forth a fashion celebration providing a platform for top designers and models showcasing collections from The Bronx and across the world.”  “We are pleased to once again bring this major fashion event to The Bronx — the borough that has given so much to the industry where designers Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein were born and raised as were legendary fashion icons such as Jennifer Lopez and the late Lauren Bacal.”.  “The Bronx continues to influence the world of fashion as the birthplace of Hip-Hop and impacting the global urban wear scene.”

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC encourages sponsors to be a part of this major event as they reach out to businesses and organizations within The Bronx, across the region and internationally.

About Bronx Fashion Week, LLC

Bronx Fashion Week, LLC was founded in 2013 with a mission to bring high-end fashion events to the borough along with showcasing not only top models and designers but also sponsors and vendors as well. Bronx Fashion Week, LLC also strives to give back to the community by selecting various organizations to make charitable donations from a percentage of proceeds from the events held.

Bronx Fashion Week seeks to promote High End Fashion in the Bronx by highlighting local and nationally recognized designers as a representation of the Fashion Industry while utilizing local resources, vendors and talent. Our events are a tapestry of both discovered and undiscovered talent.

Our first showcase premiered at the Historical Landmark Andrew Freedman Home on the Grand Concourse in 2014. Since then we have produced a number of sold out events time and time again. Venues have included the Bronx Museum of the Arts, Old Bronx County Court House, Bay Plaza Mall, Marina Del Ray as well as many architectural historical buildings throughout the Bronx. We have partnered with the American Cancer Society, Bob Hope Foundation as well as the Food Bank of New York City just to name a few. Bronx Fashion Week has celebrated the diversity and beauty of many, opening doors for many throughout including men, woman and children.


Bronx Fashion Week is a multi-day branded entertainment environment providing activities and opportunities for fashion designers, businesses, corporations and sponsors to come face-to-face with the principal taste makers, celebrities, musical talent, media and consumers.


About Fashion Avenue News – Luxury Brand – Media Partner to Bronx Fashion Week

Fashion Avenue News reaches an audience of over 430,000 thru email marketing, social media, daily fashion blog and print publications.  Known as the First Lady of Fashion, Sofia Davis publishes 3 magazine and a daily fashion blog.  (Fashion Avenue News, Model World and The Fashion Dynasty).  Visit us at or like us on facebook @FashionAvenueNews, follow us on IG @FashionAvenueNews



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