I would like to take a moment and say “THANK YOU” to EVERYONE that are buying and wearing my “Haute Couture Bling” Sunglasses.  I cannot thank you enough.  I must say a BIG THANK YOU to Avadora Mimouni, who said to me, “Girl let’s use those Sunglasses in my photoshoot”.  She was shooting her Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection http://www.AvadoraMimouniCollection.com, that started it all.  I was initially making the shades for myself without the thought of selling them, once the photo was published on social media, I received so many orders, I had to start to sell, people would not take no for an answer.  I have opened a Facebook store entitled BlingDarling.com you can visit and purchase the Bling Shades.  A special thanks to Andrene “Lady Dove” Williams, Wendy “Boss Lady” Isaac, Kenya Smith, Atlantic City Fashion Week producers Lamont and Jeana and Glenda Collilns, who promoted the Bling Shades.

Haute Couture Bling Shades are made by hand with the highest quality of Swarovski Crystals.  The prices start at $30.00 for ½ Bling, $40 for 1/2 Bling with Fringes, $60.00 for Full Bling, $100.00 for ButterFly Bling and $125,00 for the Haute Couture Full Bling Sunglasses with interchangeable color Fringes. We have many different shapes, CatEye, Oval, Large Round and ButterFly.  We keep in stock the Gold, Crystal and reflective AB Swarovski Bling.  They are also available in additional colors, please inquire.



Since I have started Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses, I have had a number of people reach out to me to be in their Fashion Shows and show my Sunglasses line.  I want to say THANK YOU so much.

Here are some of the shows/events I was invited to show at:

Buy Now Fashion Week with Avadora Mimouni
Atlantic City Fashion Week – September
LeCoiffeur Styles The Runway April
Catherine Schuller – March 19
CMG Fashion Shows September
Shoot a Thon by Mr. Don

I want to thank all of the shows/events that have allowed me the opportunity to show my Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses, and that wear or have purchased the Bling Sunglasses, it’s very much appreciated, it means a lot to me.

A special thanks to Allison V. Brown, for the great photo of the ButterFly Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses with Miss Ethiopia and to Paul Walker, who shoots photos of the Bling Shades every chance he gets, THANK YOU BOTH.


As everyone knows, my trademark is, I wear Shades inside and outside, day or night, I am known for wearing Shades.  Ms. Yvonne Forbes, labeled me the Black Anna Wintour because I wear shades and am Editor-in-Chief.  Thank you Miss Yvonne.

If you are having an event or and would like to show the Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses, kindly contact me at SDavis@FashionAvenueNews.com – I thank you in advance for the opportunity.

You can purchase your own Haute Couture Bling Sunglasses at our FaceBook Store, or http://www.Etsy.com/Shop/BlingDarling   Again, thank you to everyone for giving me this opportunity.

****Remember – It Don’t Mean A Thing, if you ain’t got that BLING…….


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