HUE DIVISION #fabulous

New York is not only the home base for Hue Division, but the vibrant city is also the main source of inspiration for the colorful brand. Every stitch of this sustainable loungewear collection is imbued with the vivid colors and spirit of the city – an expression of individuality and diversity that is also aspirational and coveted.  

The spirit of the city – its soul, stories, and every facet – is captured in color. From yellow taxis, to brownstone walkups and tomato-red late-night pizza, color tells a story on every street corner and Hue Division is their love letter to New York. Loungewear that reflects the whole metropolis, street style that is bright and beautiful, as vivid as the city itself. And they stamp these unique color codes right there on every piece as a seal of individuality you can wear with pride.  

As part of their core mission, the brand uses high quality production, and eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution, believing that everyone should enjoy street style that also does the planet some good. The idea that consuming fashion is just a part of the greater story for all, and through Hue Division, customers can partake in the vibrant narrative of fashion with a purpose. 

Hue Division bring the shades of New York to life, colors that bring us together.  

PRICE RANGE – $39-$149


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