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MAY – JUNE 2019

MISSION:  The focus of Model World Magazine is to give independent and emerging models a platform to be published.  Model World also features all fashion industry talent such as Make Up Artist, Stylist, Photographers, Designers, etc.  To purchase Model World Magazine in print, send $30.00 by PayPal to and your magazine will be in the mail.


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TARGET:  Model World target market is the upcoming young trendsetters, socialites, college fashioniasts, young entrepreneurs, empire builders.

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***Model World Magazine is independently published bi-monthly digital & print publication reaching 680,000.   Model World Magazine is published by FASHION AVENUE NEWS.

Model World Magazine is presently looking for Bloggers, Writers, Interns and people that would like to learn the publishing/magazine business from a “hands on” view.  Get in touch with us.

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Model World Magazine features SuperModel Tish on our cover this month, take a look.



Because when the Luxury Brand Fashion Avenue News says “We Will Be Looking For A Cover Girl at the NYC Shoot A Thon” might be one reason.

I am PROUD to feature the beautiful Tarisha Tish Hick as the Cover Girl for Model World Magazine, with a nice editorial spread inside.  Tish is also the Sexy Curvy Diva Queen produced by Levy Paul Tazz.  This amazing Cover was shot by Andre McNeil at the NYC Shoot A Thon.

How did Tish snag this cover?  Fashion Avenue News Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis keeps a sharp eye out for Cover Models ALL THE TIME.  Just because she always has on Bling Sunglasses does not mean she cannot see (LOL).  She looks for Models that are Leveling Up and working on their craft, keeping it professional.  She looks for the High Fashion Model that can represent the Luxury Brand Magazine in the proper light.  She also looks for photographers that don’t place all their photos on Social Media.  She says “As a photographer, you want people to see your work, but take your time to put your BEST WORK UP”.  It’s important to EDIT your photos (we know you can’t edit all of them for Social Media), and put up something that represents your work ethic, don’t “just throw pictures up to be the “FIRST”.  It’s better to take your time and represent your brand in the best way, than to get it up quickly.  Models, same thing, stop placing every picture you have on Social Media, pick and choose which pictures will be posted and which you may want to submit to a magazine.

CoverGirl & SuperModel Tish will receive a Fashion Avenue News SuperModel Carry All IT Bag and a sample of our new fragrance “BODY & SOUL.  We are simply THRILLED to have Tish as the Model World Magazine Cover Model for May – June 2019.  Please order the Magazine and support Tish in her Fashion journey. –

Tish now joins the ranks of SUPERMODEL & COVER GIRL, an honor for a select few fashion industry professionals.  She will be honored at Fashion on the Hudson with Cover Girl – SuperModel Award.

NOTE:  If you are a photographer looking to be published or work with a publication, feel free to view our submission guidelines on our website or submit your EDITED photos with PHOTO CREDITS (we do not publish photos without giving EVERYONE credit)

Photo Credits:  Super Model, Cover Girl & Sexy Curvy Diva Tarisha Tish Hicks; Bling Darling Sunglasses by Sofia Davis; Designer & Accessories: Ashley Stewart; HMUA:  Tarisha Tish Hicks (Credits provided by: Tish) PHOTOGRAPHER:  Andre McNeil (looking to do more work with you)

Model World Magazine is an entity of Fashion Avenue News Luxury Brands, WHERE ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!!!!