What are the Promotional Benefits of having Fashion Avenue News, Model World Magazine, The Fashion Dynasty and Jewel Dropping TV
as a Media Sponsor/Partner
*all are subject to level of sponsorship/partnership


The differences between and Media Sponsor and an Media Partner is the Media Sponsor is one time event, the Media Partner is connected to the event to help build the brand.


  • Exposure your event to our Luxury Brand Audience
  • Email blast to a portion of our 500,000 subscribers (and growing)
  • Email blast to our exclusive VIP Fashion Industry Insiders Private Media Listing
  • Digital placement on our website Fashion Events page
  • Blast to additional local media/press about your event
  • Placement on Social Media Networks – you provide flyer etc.
  • Placement in entity partners outlets (depending on level of sponsorship)
  • Fashion Avenue News magazine has been printing a monthly Luxury Driven Publications for the past 6 years. You are connecting with a Luxury Brand that has longevity
  • We have developed additional publications to address our diverse audience, Models World Magazine for the Young Socialites, College Age Students, Make Up Artists, Models looking to enter the fashion industry. The Fashion Dynasty – a lifestyle publication focusing on fashion, networking, business, technology, beauty, cooking, travel, health & fitness.
  • Opportunity to expose your event organization to an influential Fashion Industry focused consumer/audience.
  • Promote event extensively in the related digital media outlets and in print.
  • Commitment of media coverage of event before, during and after the event
  • Pre and post-event placement on social media networks where you have a presence.
  • Placing links/flyers on the website.
  • Listing of your event pre and post-event on the social media networks
  • Interview event organizers and various (interview selection is at media partner’s discretion; event producer must provide a location for interviews. (Press Room/Interview area)
More details to come