There are some things you have to experience to understand their greatness…. Like Atlantic City Fashion Week, yes, THIS IS THE ONE.

Let me break it down for you.  If you are a SERIOUS designer looking to display your collection during Fashion Week, in a PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT, look no further than Atlantic City Fashion Week.

The show is held at the fabulous Showboat Hotel in a new and large space.  The backstage for designers is half the size of a football field, I’m talking spacious.  Everything runs so smooth, it’s unbelievable, and did I mention “it’s a NO DRAMA” zone?

The day starts with a morning meeting of designers and models with the staff of ACFW.  Once the meeting is finished, models go into Hair & Make up or meet designers for fittings.  The fittings are a breeze as ACFW sends you the models before the show.  Some designers might say they like to pick their own models. ACFW has great models of all sizes, the reason they pick the models for you is because they don’t want models rushing to get dressed or be back-to-back for designers.  They also choose the music, sometimes a designer might like a song that four other designers like; if the designer picks the music, you may get the same song four times in a row, if ACFW picks you don’t have that problem, and the DJ is really good.

The day goes extremely smooth as ACFW has the designer line up on the wall back of house, with the name of the models that are walking for you.  If you need to change out a model for any reason, they have model captains there to help you.  Designers from all across the globe, networked backstage and helped each other if needed.  We shared Social Media and followed each other on IG.  You don’t see this at most shows, designers networking and sharing.  As much as we were all designers, we loved each other’s individual creativity.  What a friendly atmosphere.  The Models were happy to walk for the designers and listened as we explained the garments, and they executed our looks perfectly.

The show location is fabulous.  They had a VIP/PRESS Lounge, food from four great restaurants (two per day) and you could vote for the one you liked best.  They also had a bar if you wanted some refreshments.  They had great gift bags on all VIP chairs as well as Vendors you could not resist. 

Atlantic City Fashion Week remains the BLUE PRINT for a PROFESSIONAL Fashion Week show.  The venue is easy to get to, has great restaurants, the ACFW Staff is AMAZING, the best Hair & Makeup team and the Director of Media is on point.  The hair and makeup team is so fabulous, they had talent all the way from Arkansas to work the show.

(Photos: Designer – The House of Sofia Couture, Photographer: Gerald Triglia – more photos to come as I get the other designers pictures)

If you are a creative designer, that is looking for a PROFESSIONAL Fashion Week Show, look no further than Atlantic City Fashion Week.  I’m telling you from first hand experience, this is the one.

They are now accepting designers for their September showcase, follow the link for more info

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