Fashion Avenue News is PROUD to present our August Covers.

At Fashion Avenue News our motto is “Only The BEST Will DO” and we continue to live up to that inspiration. This month every cover is a “SuperStar” Cover, with lots of articles, trends and styles.

We want to give Model the opportunity of being featured on our pages, we plan to do this by having a Monthly Model Open House. The way it would work, Models would have to make an appointment, (this is not an open call). They would meet with our Creative Team and we would explore Editorial considerations. The reason this is different is we sit down with the model to understand what THEIR expectations are, where they want to take their careers and we see how we can help

We see models of all Sizes, Ages, Heights and Weights, the main criteria is FABULOUSITY.

Follow us on Social Media, and visit our page often, as at the Model Open House, we only see 6 models per day by appointment, so that each one gets time to sit with us and ask question.

Fashion Avenue News thanks you, in advance for your continued support of our Luxury Brand.

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