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By this time, we’ve all figured out that though a new normal may still emerge, events are back and here to stay. And now that we can safely be at events, including music festivals, it’s imperative to get back to looking our best when we step out the door. Freedom Rave Wear has the scoop on 2022 festival fashion trends and we’re excited to share them with Fashion Avenue News.

Fashion is shifting again and from Givenchy to Giorgio Armani, the inspirational trends are taking on looks from past eras, edgy ideas, and simple comfort. Festival fashion is no different. We put together a 2022 trend guide , but here are some of the highlights we’re most excited about.

2022 Festival Fashion Trends

  • Psychedelic colors and patterns – FRW has three new retro prints to keep color bountiful in the new year.
  • Cut-outs – We’re focusing specifically on the popular Baelien Sleeves, which will be a part of several 2022 collections.
  • Fringe – As our staple detail, fringe will continue to show up in a number of collections, often evoking nostalgia of eras like the 60s, 70s, and 20s.
  • Black & White – We’re using B&W to keep it interesting with patterns like stripes and abstract patchwork.
  • Midriffs – Our signature crop tops and bikini styles are here to stay and will appear in a number of collections.

This is a fabulous festival, get more info at the link below.

Source: Freedom Rave Wear

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