New York Fashion Week returns with first In-Person Shows since the pandemic

SFWRUNWAY returns to New York Fashion with their first in person show since the pandemic

Many New York Fashion Week shows have been opting for virtual productions as an attempt to keep attendees safe. One such show is Street Fashion Week (Now SFWRUNWAY) who actually launched a media platform, as a way to continue to deliver livestream shows to audiences at home. SFWRUNWAY is a direct to consumer fashion show production initially created to give high-end luxury streetwear brands a platform to showcase directly to buyers, press, and other fashion industry tastemakers. 

Q: What was your experience like returning to in person shows versus the virtual shows you produced in response to the pandemic?

We were extremely nervous about returning to in-person shows but quite excited at the same show. One of the most important aspects of New York Fashion Week are the connections you make, the excitement of getting dressed up, seeing the garments up close. It was nice to be able to return to that. We also loved how many attendees and designers integrated unique masks into their looks. 

Q: We asked the founder Naomi Alabi, we noticed that you are referring to yourself as SFWRUNWAY instead of Street fashion Week, about what inspired the name change. 

As New York Fashion Week returns to in person shows for the first time since the pandemic, we wanted to use the opportunity to rebrand and expand our platform to serve even more emerging designers. Streetstyle is representative of how fashion shows up in our everyday life. How are people interpreting these major trends presented on the runways into their wardrobe. With the new direction of our show, we are able to present a wide array of collection that is reflective of the  real world. 

How were the designers you presented this season different from previous seasons? 

This season we showcased a total of 8 designers with very different perspectives and from very different backgrounds. The first designer, German based, Pia Bolte and her army of models took the stage. Pia Bolte is a German based designer who displayed a collection of her niche style: a mix-mosh combination of leather, symbolic patches, textures and fabrics including denim and lace combined gives one the idea of how total chaos came together to form a perfect universe.  The next designer to showcase was Friskmegood by Cierra Boyd. One by one models walked out with pieces from her collection that featured hand-made garments from reworked sneakers. The creativity behind her brand sparked positive reaction from the audience based on endless applause. Next came, Akobi designed by Hotmomma. Akobi is usually a male designer but chose to present unisex pieces to display the versitility of her brand. After that, designer Ron Dyce who displayed his first women’s wear collection including a complete line of exquisite, elegant gold encrusted heels.” Finally to close the 1pm show was New York based Llessur designed by Russel. Russel debuted his Runway collection titled “Volume II – Elemental” during February 2021 NYFW. SFWRUNWAY founcer Naomi Alabi credits this collections for securing LLessur as a modern lifestyle brand pushing gender boundaries through non-binary & empowering fashion for the everyday metropolitan.

Hours later the 6pm show was a continuation of a series of runway shows under the SFWRUNWAY brand. Again the 6pm show was opened with a greeting from owner, Naomi Alabi. One by one, designers showcased their collections to any excited, packed house in the following order: Akobi, Black Merchants, LLessur, Ron Dyce, and BGoldNYC. 

What can we expect from future fashion week seasons?

We plan to improve our shows creating an elevated experience for our showcasing designers as well as attendees. We hope to work with more sponsors and brands that align with our company’s mission. SFWRUNWAY would like resume show in LA and possibly Paris and Tokyo in future fashion week seasons

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