Once Controversial Black Owned Clothing Brand, Personal Advisory to Premiere It’s Spring/Summer Line at Agenda Show 2022

Personal Advisory logo

Years ago, clothing brand Personal Advisory was contentiously requested to discontinue a design that seemed to depict Muslims bowing to a deejay. The design has since been discontinued but hasn’t stopped Nigerian American-born founder and clothing designer, N’namdi Arinze, from taking t-shirts to a full-fledge respectable clothing brand.

Personal Advisory clothing
Personal Advisory clothing

Personal Advisory is influenced by Golden Age Hip Hop, Pan Africanism, mid unisex and high fashion men’s street style. N’namdi claims Personal Advisory is where purposeful intention meets streetwear. Personal Advisory was founded in Atlanta, GA but relocated to Brooklyn in 2017 and has now settled back in Atlanta post COV.

A few notable celebrities have been seen sporting Personal Advisory. Spike Lee wore Personal Advisory T’s during a CNN interview, Hollywood actors Trevor Jackson and Tobias Truvillion are all patrons of the brand. Personal Advisory was invited to Lagos Fashion Week Street Wear addition in 2018 but wasn’t able to attend. Recently, Personal Advisory has caught the eye of the highly competitive Agenda Show and will be in attendance February 15th – 17th, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many new pieces will be unveiled like their Leather 90s Euro Caps, African Print Chinese Tang Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Parkas, and Pullovers. 

N’namdi’s midterm goal is to open a brick-and-mortar store in either Brooklyn or Atlanta, GA.

Personal Advisory’s website and the current line can be viewed at www.personaladvisory.com IG @personaladvisory

SOURCE Personal Advisory

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