FLOURYSH, an eCommerce Marketplace, Launches to Elevate Black-Owned Brands and Support Black Culture


From Instagram, TikTok and Fanbase, to fashion, music and movies, Black culture influences mainstream culture. Yet, in the eCommerce space, big brands with big financial backings are king. That often leaves smaller, creative and trendy Black-owned brands behind. Announcing today, FLOURYSH, the online marketplace that helps independent Black-owned brands get discovered and scale their businesses, launches nationwide.

With 1,500 products and roughly 100 brand partners, FLOURYSH bridges the gap between Black-owned brands and consumers.Tweet this

The premier spot to discover & shop Black-owned brands.
The premier spot to discover & shop Black-owned brands.

Despite the $1.5 trillion buying power, the unique needs of African American consumers are constantly overlooked by major brands. With more than 1,500 products available for purchase and roughly 100 brand partners on the site, FLOURYSH helps bridge the gap between Black-owned brands and founders to their consumers.

“Black culture moves the dial,” said Steve Canal, co-founder, head of business development, FLOURYSH. “So do Black brands. However; in the eCommerce space; Black-owned direct-to-consumer brands don’t always get the visibility and financial support they deserve. Through FLOURYSH, we have created a platform that helps consumers discover and support Black-owned brands. These brands have access to a private community of other Black-owned brands, as well as, eCommerce experts, and industry professionals that can help them scale their businesses. Through educational opportunities, community and partnership, FLOURYSH supports the Black-business owner as a whole and not just a business.”

Social media advertising costs continue to increase, making it difficult for smaller brands to scale. Placement on FLOURYSH is 100 percent free. Brands who partner with FLOURYSH are positioned in front of their target audience – Black consumers and supporters of Black-owned brands.

“We believe in telling the story of the brand,” said Enitan Bereola II, co-founder, creative director, FLOURYSH. “We’ve all seen the articles that pop up online identifying a handful of Black brands to support in a particular industry. Unlike those lists, FLOURYSH is its own unique platform that gives 24-7 access to consumers and brands, alike. FLOURYSH brings independent brands, influencers and consumers together in one online ecosystem.”

In addition to community and an elevated profile online, brands who join the FLOURYSH platform will have access to strategic partnerships, exclusive networking opportunities and potential media exposure. Consumers also have direct access to brands’ products and can make purchases on the site.

FLOURYSH is designed to connect Black-owned brands to the consumers looking to connect with them online. To learn more about the site, visit http://flourysh.com. Those interested in registering their brands can find more information to do so here. Interested storytellers can find more information here, as well.

FLOURYSH is a community-driven marketplace designed to foster the discovery and growth of Black-owned businesses by introducing consumers to new brands through storytelling. To learn more about FLOURYSH and to be added to the newsletter to receive frequent updates, visit http://flourysh.com.

SOURCE: FLOURYSH, Meredith LeJeune, Thought Bubble Communications 

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