The House of Sofia Couture is EXCITED to be on BOSS LADY TV

I want to first say “THANK YOU” to the Boss Lady, Wendy Isaac as she is displaying The House of Sofia Couture collection on her fabulous Style Wednesday TV Show @LeCoiffeur on Facebook this Wednesday, November 3rd at 7:00pm  This is her first show for the new TV Season.


Private Shopping: How many times have you ordered something on line and when you receive it, it does not look like the picture or does not fit the way you like?  The House of Sofia Couture is for the Elite Client that wants something different.  At THOSC you can try the garments on BEFORE you buy, in private.  Choose what you like from our social media or website, make an appointment and come and try on.  If you need custom sizing, you can be measured, so that the garment is tailored to your body.  You can bring any accessories, undergarments, etc., to make sure you like what you see. Once you are happy with everything, then you can make your purchase.

I am so THANKFUL to the Boss Lady for having The House of Sofia Couture for her first guest for the new season.

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