Get access to an entire wardrobe of digital fashion, change outfits with a swipe, post directly to social and get a rare Miss J Crypto Couture NFT collectable through’s mega launch sale on Oct 31, 2021 at 4pm. EST. Tickets start off at the insanely low price of just $1 but increase after each 100 sold so it is smart to purchase your tickets when the sale starts.  

Miss J Alexander for
Miss J Alexander for

Posts that include the given captions qualify for prizes and the first SuperPopDrop Fashion Awards. Winners will receive Apple products and be sent out to the media to be published worldwide. All posts with the given captions automatically are added to the “Grand Hall of Fashion Wall” on the website. Posts with the highest likes and comments along with a curated selection of posts from smaller audiences will be nominated and re-posted to Twitter and Instagram @superpopdrop where likes and comments will determine who wins the first SuperPopDrop Fashion Awards on Nov 5th which can be viewed on Instagram Live @SuperPopDrop Nov 5th starting at 8pm EST. There are 8 awards in total and the winners style will be seen everywhere in the month after. Buyers can continue to enter all the way through Nov 10th when the promotion and access expire. Additional awards will be announced during the Drop Party that starts Nov 11 at 3PM EST live with Miss J where he will speak with VIP guests before the Crypto Couture collection drops an hour into the party Nov 11th at 4PM EST

James Moritz announces the official launch of SuperPopDrop on Oct 31st at 4pm with a promotional deal that allows anyone with an iPhone to experience all of the DressX AR digital looks. The sale also includes a collectible from Miss J’s Crypto Couture which makes it an incredible value. We wanted to do something different that got people’s attention and encouraged posting about digital fashion. It’s all a part of the Miss J Crypto Couture drop where James has been working closely with Miss J as the key collaboration artist since March of this year.  

Crypto Couture is an innovative gender-free collection designed by Miss J former runway coach, judge and designer often known from America’s Next Top Model. 


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