In the world today with everything being so fast and “I need it now” attitude, if something gets old you just get something new, etc., is it possible to be in love for a lifetime? Yes, it is…. Take a look at the Power Couple Lamont & Jeana Bowling, Executive Producers of Atlantic City Fashion Week. They have recently celebrated 22 years of marriage….

How is Love kept alive for all these years you might ask? I believe that mutual respect, understanding why you got married in the first place, and having couple/family goals, goes a long way in staying together and keeping your love fresh.

I love this Power Couple, Lamont & Jeana Bowling, I adore how they work together. Jeana is a stick of dynamite and Lamont is a quiet storm, together they make MAGIC!!!!!

Congratulations on 22 years of marriage, I wish you many, many more. Keep inspiring us.

Lamont & Jeana Bowling….. (as told by Lamont Bowling)

Jeana and I met October 1993. I was assigned by New Brunswick Police Depart to run a kids/teen program at a local school. As part of the program, we created a teen basketball team to participate in the Police Athletic League. The team needed a cheerleading coach for the teen girls in the program. A coworker said he met a young lady that had coaching experience and might be interested in coaching our girls. Jeana came in for an interview and we haven’t been apart since. We got engaged in June of 1996 and married August 13, 1999.

Photo Credits: Brides Hair: Tina Gillam Brides Makeup: Stephanie Lopez Brides Gown: The House of Sofia Couture: Grooms Tuxedo: Coowigsby Location: Smithville Mansion, Eastampton, NJ; Photographer: KD Morris

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