When you do a fashion week show, the benefits don’t always come in the form of money, sometimes there are other valuable benefits…..

The House of Sofia Haute Couture is excited to be part of an upcoming movie.  The Director saw my garments on Social Media and said “those are the garments I want for this scene”.  The Wardrobe Stylists contacted me and requested 2 garments.  These 2 garments will get major visibility. 

Designers, this is another way to get your brand out there.  Do Fashion Week shows that give you good exposure and press/media coverage.  Sometimes you will sell something, sometimes you won’t, but there are other benefits.  Stay consistent with your collection.  Think of doing something outside the box.  If you are consistently showing with the same models, same shows, and not seeing any vibrations, maybe you need to try another location/show.  (if you keep doing the same thing with the same results, it’s called INSANITY).  Also, don’t do a show because it’s FREE, isn’t your BRAND worth INVESTING IN?  I would rather do ONE PROFESSIONAL SHOW, than 10 FREE SHOWS….. (HELLOOOOOOOOOO)

I have shown at Atlantic City Fashion Week for the past 3 seasons and every single experience has been positive, I have gotten something from every single show.  I’m talking from experience, not hear say.  The show is excellent/professional, from the marketing, press coverage, articles, models, HMUAs, getting photos and more.

Just a note, the Movie Director saw my garments from the Atlantic City Fashion Week show.  Thank you ACFW for allowing me to be part of your show. 

Just another note – Atlantic City Fashion Week is registering Designers NOW…. Don’t Sleep…. Get over to the website, and register to experience something DIFFERENT.

Just another note:  This is my opinion on Fashion Week shows, do what works for your brand.  I’m getting RESULTS, not a CLEANING BILL for my garments. (UBASAM) – Photo Credits: Paul A. Walker, GT, A. Steele

Atlantic City Fashion Week, Experience Something DIFFERENT


  1. George Brown

    Hand crafted women fantasy hats by house of Vic Amore’ ………..I will email you cople Pic let me know what you think about it. ……The best to fashion Avenue…….😎
    Love Atlantic. City fashion week very elegant like all west fashion fabulous


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