The Sophistication of Chuks Collins SS 2022 collection Resurrection

Consisting of both bespoke design and seasonal ready-to-wear collections, Chuks Collins was born out of a desire to create high fashion that challenges norms and expectations by combining vivaciousness, boldness, and elegance in unexpected silhouettes, cuts, prints, and fabrics. The designs honor the women and men, who lives their lives fully, unbothered by societal norms, and with no choice but to self-express.

Drawing inspiration from Collins’ global roots and education, the Chuks Collins collection beautifully weaves together a future-forward aesthetic, the origin of which is deliberately not easily pin-pointed: elegant, unexpected originality sits at the very core of each design and piece. With a focus on time and freedom, the Chuks Collins Spring Summer 2022 collection “Resurrection” draws upon human abilities and our desire to create infinite possibilities.

Bridging the African and Western fashion realms, Chuks Collins continues to explore the concept of empowerment through creative expression, bringing this core idea to life in every collection.

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