spring fashion staples to see you through warm days and cold nights

Spring fashion has been on our mind for quite a few months now. Probably even starting back in January, we ve been thinking about what outfits we re going to wear once the sun starts shining, and we edge a little closer to sweet and safe freedom.

Now that restrictions begin to ease, and we start having plans again – wahoo – our diaries are filling up with dates that are a little more outdoorsy than we might have normally been used to… in April… in Britain. So, if you’ve been invited to a chilly Saturday picnic and games in the park, or an evening of drinks in that pub garden with no heaters, we are willing to bet you’ve also been having a few outfit dilemmas, too.

I mean spring is about as unpredictable a season as it gets in our wonderfully weird-weather country. And lord knows we ve been a little out of practice when it comes to dressing for the outside world lately. Do we really also need to carry an umbrella, sunglasses, winter coat and sandals with us at all times.But it’s not a total disaster, because spring does mean you get to mix and match your favourite winter and summer garms all at once. We look to the street-style pros to see what pieces we should start taking out of storage and how to style them for weather that wont make up its mind, as well as the warmer items to keep hold of for a little while longer.

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