ARAB FASHION WEEK DAY THREE HIGHLIGHTS Presented in Partnership with Microsoft Live Streamed Exclusively on Facebook & Instagram

The Arab Fashion Week has showcased yesterday its third day presented in partnership with Microsoft and broadcasted exclusively on Facebook Inc platforms, featuring the collections of 5 regional and international designers. In addition, the calendar hosted the Council’s Red Talks, an industry conversation between Laura Specchio, President of the Council Commission of Milan’s Municipality with Jacob Abrian, Founder & Chief Executive at Arab Fashion Council discussing the importance of the Fashion Week to the City of Milan and its economy.  Below are the highlights of Day Three:
ESTER MANAS: Autumn/Winter 2021/22 – SOROR Presented on the Arab Fashion Week official calendar by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode the organization behind Paris Fashion Week. The SOROR titled collection is inspired by the idea of the sorority. “We deep-dived into the famous US universities sorority iconography. We also looked to the Middle Ages women’s movements like the Béguines, which are amazingly inspiring and moving. “We ask ourselves what’s being part of a sorority”. Pink and green colors are mixed with customs flowers prints to design inclusive and signature looks” Ester Manas. The Brand Ester Manas is a sustainable, inclusive, and independent brand, a semifinalist at the 2020 LVMH Prize and finalist at the 2018 Hyères fashion Festival. The brand has been creating « one-size » clothing since the beginning of its inception. This only describes the form, when it comes to content, the Ester Manas brand offers a sensual and functional universe. A smart outfit that supports women and their shapes, who reassures them, makes them strong, powerful, and attractive. Ester Manas designs for proud, courageous women with a touch of humor and poetry. A designed garment that enhances women’s shapes but never hides the body, they celebrate it.
EZRA TUBA: “WELCOME TO THE 2999” The Turkish label Ezra Tuba which is also a member of the Arab Fashion Week has since the beginning of the pandemic transformed its mission into finding solutions through fashion technology. Ezra Tuba presented on the official Arab Fashion Calendar a collection titled “Welcome to the 2999” which is a futuristic fashion film illustrating the sustainable hi-tech direction of the brand. Ezra Tuba has utilized the Grafen Denim which they have developed in collaboration with Orta Anadolu Denim for the main pieces of their Autumn Winter 2021/22 Collection. The Graphene Denim provides for conductivity which in turn makes electricity generation possible. The denim fabric can also be used to create phone screens in the sleeves of costumes. Graphene Fabric is 99% efficient in providing active protection against viruses. With the hi-tech and sustainable fabric which the brand Ezra Tuba is using in their AW21/22 collection, the brand is sending out the message that it is high times efforts to render our Mother Earth a livable planet. The designers declared that they will act responsibly as they steer their brand from the present into the future. Ezra tuba has completely overhauled their working environment and the processes and materials they incorporate in their products as well the working conditions for their employees to comply with the principles of sustainability for a livable future world. The designers have started to use artificial leather made of apple pulp and cotton produced by sustainable bio-dynamic agriculture. Designers Ezra tuba has also utilized Graphene Conductive Denim which is easily biodegradable in nature. If you, too are imagining such a world, then come on, let’s join our efforts. Graphene is the new “wonder material” of the new world. Along with having lightweight and amazing thermal and electrical conducting properties, graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and one of the most flexible materials in the textile industry,… Graphene is derived from carbon, which is sliced into tranches.
ANDREA CONTI The Brazilian renowned label Andrea Conti which carries the name of its famous creative director, presented on the third day of the Arab Fashion Week its second collection, showcasing a jewelry line in a short fashion film featuring the confident playful women translating the story of a superlative woman. When she smiles, it is wide, when she speaks, her eyes shine.  She is present, intense, and strong. Those kinds of people who do not pass without being noticed. As well as her jewels”.
SANDRO BARROS The Brazilian designer Sandro Barros in his Autumn-Winter 2021/22 pays tribute to Wong Kar-Wai. Sandro Barros looked at the influence of Chinese culture in Hollywood films of the 1930s for his collection of Haute Couture dresses. The aesthetics of filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai in the film “In The Mood For Love” and the costumes of Marlene Dietrich in the classic ‘Shanghai Express’ and actress Anna May Wong, the first descendant of Asians to be successful in American movies, served as inspiration for hand-embroidered dresses. “Anna May Wong overcame racism in Hollywood and stood out for her talent. Before her, the directors used to cast white actresses who imitated the Chinese, so she really was a pioneer, in addition to having a very glamorous behavior in real life”, says Sandro. The collection features 30 exclusive dresses made with classic fabrics and traditional French haute couture techniques, many embroidered with silk thread, fringes, and embroidered with mixtures of Swarovski crystals and colored glassware created from porcelain designs, carpets, and walls of Chinese palaces. The color contrasts are quite pronounced: navy blue with beige, cherry with gold, nude with orange, caramel with pink and green. The silhouette is very languid, in column dresses in a bias like the 1930s.

The highlight for the short bolero with a high collar and richly structured, embroidered with aquamarine, silver, and turquoise crystals with chrysanthemum designs, and that is combined with sky-blue silk crepe pantaloons. The photos and film of the campaign were taken by the photographer and director Peu Campos in a cinematic atmosphere, narrating a love story spiced with the five Chinese perfumes, whiskey, and aromas of jasmine, cinnamon, and pepper.
Dolce Vita The Emirati label, Euphoria, has presented today its second collection on the official calendar of the Arab Fashion Week premiering a fashion film which is shot at the luxurious DIFC – Dubai International Financial Centre. The “Dolce Vita” titled collection which is translated from Italian as “The Good Life” takes us back in time to the 1960s comedy-drama movie of the Italian film director Federico Fellini, in a choreography of the models walking inside the DIFC fountains similar to the “Dolce Vita’s” Roman famous Trevi Fountain. The capsule collection curated the belief of the selected approach, through voluminous shapes and optimistic colors symbolizing freedom and hope. Euphoria collection “curated’ minimalist tone collection with simple yet beautiful structured shape. Curated pieces displaying modernity and classic style to stand out against a neutral palette of Nude, silver-gray, black color blocks broken up with flashes of nude and tone of shimmery Rose Gold.” The entire collection is built on soft fabrics that manage to further showcase the collection as a flattering figure. Paired down with details that reveal the bare and beautiful bone of pieces, considering the layers, pleated fabric to compliment the simple silhouettes adding their unique appeal.
COUNCIL’S RED TALKS The third day Council’s Red Talks featured an industry conversation between Laura Specchio, President of the Council Commission of Milan’s Municipality with Jacob Abrian, Founder & Chief Executive at Arab Fashion Council discussing the importance of the Fashion Week to the City of Milan and its economy. 

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