I am PROUD to present the April 2021 covers, shot by Professional Fashion Photographer John Staples. This is what happen…..

I was showing my Collection, The House of Sofia Couture at ACFW, when I received a message from Media Director John Staples, who said he wanted to shoot the upcoming collection. As you can imagine, I was OVER THE MOON that he asked to shoot my collection as there are many fabulous fashion designers at ACFW, and to choose me…..WOW….. He asked me to send photos of the garments the models were wearing in the show, this way he can create his mood board etc., Most people that know me, know I’m about being prepared and being on time, so when he sent me the request, I was able to send him the photos of the garments right away.

John had everything set up when I arrived, I did not have to do anything, he had gotten the location, he had lighting, he had spoken to the models, HMUA, he had his team ready, all I had to do was put the dresses on the models. I was in awe of how professional the entire shoot and team was.

I just want to say THANK YOU to the entire team, to the Producers of ACFW for allowing me to show my collection. I also must say a special thank you to my Couture Brand Ambassador, Alana Dickerson (The Closer), she is an extremely professional model, that impressed me from day one (and you know how hard it is to impress me, LOL). I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. You may think that because I publish 12 magazine, that I don’t need publicity, YES I DO, I want to be published and interviewed just like the next designer. I want to show my creativity just like the next person. I am so happy when people show appreciation of it.

Also, Designers, and Fashion Folks, visit the to find out all about their upcoming shows. July 8, 9, 10 and September 16, 17, 18th. Make a mini vacation of it. Come out and enjoy the summer air on the boardwalk, have a meeting, network, bring your family and kids to enjoy the sights and see a great fashion show in the meantime. Look at it as a Fashion Vacation….. get info and tickets NOW…..

Enjoy the April 2021 Cover, please follow and like us on Social Media @FashionAvenueNews, thank you again.

Photo Credits:

SuperModel : Alana Dickerson

Makeup Director: Sharita Marrero

Makeup Artist : Marsha Grant

Director of Hair: Tina Gillam

Photographer: John Staples JBMS1 Photography LLC. (ACFW Media Director)

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