ARAB FASHION WEEK DAY TWO HIGHLIGHTS Presented in Partnership with Microsoft Live Streamed Exclusively on Facebook & Instagram

The Arab Fashion Week has showcased yesterday its second day presented in partnership with Microsoft and broadcasted exclusively on Facebook Inc platforms, featuring the collections of 5 regional and international designers. In addition, the calendar hosted the Council’s Red Talks, an industry conversation between Serge Carreira, Head of Emerging Brands Initiative at Paris Fashion Week/ Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, with Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer at Arab Fashion Council discussing the importance of the Fashion Industry to boosting the creative economy.Below are the highlights of Day Two:

Influenced by contemporary artists & architects, Nohma’s fine design is a unique and innovative idea. Dubbed as the “Alchemist of Design”; she is the first architect/designer to introduce build-able multi-use jewelry.

“My designs represent simple aesthetics and real beauty for what it is in essence: Timeless and Unique” – Nohma Kaaki. The designer explores her own limits as an Architect/ Artist/ Designer, as well as helped her add a flare of art and life to the projects she helped develop and manage. Nohma’s unapologetic strength, overall enthusiasm & incredible work ethic in committing to high standards gave her that “make it happen” attitude which is apparent in her sheer talent and attention to detail. Her multidisciplinary approach is very unique & one of a kind. She mastered architecture and always tends to add a special flare of art transforming anything she designs into icons. “Architecture is the mother of all arts.” She’s inspired by architects Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, and Moche Safadi. She came up with her own timeless, unique, and smart jewelry concept that has caused a bold change in the industry.
Presented a collection titled “CAGED KALEIDOSCOPE” inspired by the stressful times of Lockdown which made the designer realize the agony of the caged birds. Taking visual cues from this grilled reality and a trip down the nostalgia, the collection created this capsule of easy separates reminiscing of the wild 70s. Retro spunk with a modern easy.

The Feather prints celebrate the Vivacious spirit of the fluttering souls and the geometric abstract grid captures the giddy reality of trapped optimism. Abstract surface ornamentation, Linear cords, fluid beads are explored in dramatic formation to mimic the confused state of obstruction. This collection is indeed the most special, crafted out of love to salute all the things we use to take for granted and most importantly capturing the song of freedom, the cage birds chirp.
Presented on the Arab Fashion Week official calendar by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode the organization behind Paris Fashion Week. Irakli Rusadze is a self-taught designer and founder of Situationist. He was born and is based in Tbilisi. He started working in the fashion industry at the age of 15 and at the age of 21 he presented his collection for the first time at Tbilisi Fashion Week. 

In total, he has made twelve collections for his brand as part of Tbilisi, Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Art exhibitions in Paris, Frankfurt, London and Tbilisi, as well as collaborations with Georgian artists. The creative director often combines two different styles – Georgian historical heritage and avant-garde vision of the new wave Georgian artists, creating his unique and progressive vision. He has been interested in the creative industry since childhood. It is equally interesting for him to work on the design, as well as to construction and the process of creating patterns. Situationist carries the idea of creating clothes for the character not for the body.  Brand expresses the idea which unites the community together and brings people with different perspectives and views in one circle.

Not only in the creative field, but also includes people working in any other position that spend their skills and experience, brand creativity is a joint work of the team, everything here is exclusive. Situationist’s unique design aesthetic lies in the idea that each item is cut and sewn from beginning to end by one person, after leaving a signature on a special label , this is Irakli’s way of appreciating the craftsmanship of the skill-full staff members who spend hours to make it happen.
Lebanese designer Jean Charles Zakaria presented a collection titled “Vitality”. The collection featured 12 evening gowns mostly made of fire colors like orange, red, yellow. Moreover black, blue and pink were added to the collection to verify its name: VITALITY is the energy and power all women should possess this year to maintain their shine or to never lose hope in what they’re planning to become however the situations.
The materials used in this latest collection were mainly silk, chiffon, muslin, in addition, to the multi-colors combined in the hand embroideries seen on few dresses. As for the location of the shoot, Jean Charles has chosen a place that took us back to a vintage time showing power and luxury across the gold walls, ancient paintings, and sculptures. Finally, to add a twist of modernity, the designer chose strong-eye makeup and simple blonde short hair.
Sophia Nubes is jersey couture! Jersey fabrics are worked with tailored volumes and, combined also with traditional fabrics and technical fabrics, they make up the collection – Sophia Nubes – ready to wear is above all a demi-couture collection, it is also composed of some more exclusive pieces that make up the capsule “Sophia Nubes – haute couture”. However, in the collection, there is also a demi-couture part with a capsule of t-shirts and jeans, many streetwear details, all very comfortable in its comfortable wear.

In 2017 Sophia Nubes applied to join the Arab Fashion Wee in Dubai and since then the brand has become a fixed name on the official calendar which gained the brand international visibility. In addition to the first SOPHIA NUBES line, Elena and Giulia decide to also create a second collection named NUBES SPA. A very easy and free-time concept. This collection has the technical fabrics for sportswear on a classic French suit design and all the accessories having on print the brand’s slogan “we are ahead”. The “we are ahead” becomes the payoff of the two collections and is the motto of the entire communication strategy as a reinforcement of the two brands Sophia Nubes and Nubes Spa.

In May 2019 Elena was diagnosed with breast cancer and has undergone intensive medical care without skipping any season on the official calendar, a commitment that has soon become an empowering message to every woman.
COUNCIL’S RED TALKSThe second day Council’s Red Talks featured an industry conversation between Serge Carreira, Head of Emerging Brands Initiative at Paris Fashion Week/ Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, hosted by Mohammed Aqra, Chief Strategy Officer at Arab Fashion Council discussing the importance of the Fashion Industry to boosting the creative economy.

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