I want to take a moment to Thank all the FASHION PROFESSIONALS (approximately 48) that were on our Zoom Meeting.  The plan was to Zoom live to Facebook, but we had some audio challenges, therefore, we were not able to go live.  However, here is the Video of the Fashion Professionals that were able to be on our Panel Zoom Meeting.  Take a listen as they discuss how they are working in 2021.  We had Fashion Professionals from as far away as the British Virgin Islands.  The information is amazing, WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER.  This is just the first Fashion Professional Zoom meeting, but not the last, everyone enjoyed it.  The conversations is approximately One hour and 20 mins long, so set some time aside if you plan to watch the entire video.  Please follow, like and subscribe to our Social media and YouTube channel @FashionAvenueNews – Thank you

If you are a Fashion Professional and want to be on our next Zoom Meeting, (slated for the end of March) kindly send your info to us at or DM us.  We need your bio and social media platforms.


Katherine Neal

Andrene Williams

El Anderson


Wendy Isaac

Carol Couture (Texas)

John Staples

Paul Walker

James Corbett

Brian & NaKeysha King

Kevin Higgins

Nina Nesbitt

Just Ramona

Flora Montes

British Virgin Islands

Kenya Smith

Phil Harris

James Martin

Troy Alexander

Alana Dickerson

Mimi Carter

The Dutchess

Hank Pegeron

Esa Enspire Mag

Mark Black

Diane LaRue

I hope I did not leave any names off, kindly let me know if I did.

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