Celebrity Style Expert Tijana Ibrahimovic Reveals Her Lux V-Day Gift Ideas

Celebrate your great love for each other, and maybe even yourself, with these amazing luxury gifts for Valentine’s Day. Curated by celebrity style expert Tijana  Ibrahimovic. Who else would know better about the world of high-end gift giving than someone who is always surrounded by the stars. Her picks include something for everyone, men and women alike, and even for those who already have it all… at least that’s what they thought until you came along.  

Here is her list of top luxury Valentine’s Day gifts for your very, very special someone…

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1. Lisa F Pliner Couture Teddy Bear – $750

Love bomb your SO with these unique teddy bears from the design studio of Lisa F Pliner – artist and host of the hit podcast “Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It.” What was a cute gift is now an elevated work of art. The artist and designer makes these one-of-kind pieces using a variety of beads, crystals, and other lavish embellishments to create what we call “Couture Teddy Bears.” These can be fully customized in any color of your choice making it a gift they are surely to cherish forever.

Available for custom order. Please contact hello@verynewyork.com

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2. Thalé Blanc Audrey Crossbody Bag – $995

Spoil them rotten with this luxury leather crossbody bag from Thalé Blanc. Inspired by the ingénue and actress Audrey Hepburn, this gorgeous petite satchel has feminine curved lines and a spacious interior. The signature curved flap is highlighted with beautiful contrasting crowfeet stitching in red. It’s the perfect designer handbag for anyone that demands style and functionality. Designed in Los Angeles and made in Italy.

Available at www.ThaleBlanc.com

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3. PARK Accessories Garnet Golf Bag – $750

An excellent gift for the man or woman in your life, enjoy some tee time for two with Garnet Golf Bag from PARK Accessories. Crafted in waterproof Italian coated canvas with vachetta leather trim, the bag will hold up to 13 clubs, accessories and a cover, with its five signature plaid lined pockets. Whether they’re a scratch golfer at the country club or playing for the first time on vacation in St. Andrews, the elegant Garnet Golf Bag will undeniably improve their score on the ‘style’ card. The Garnet gives a whole new meaning to getting an ‘Eagle.’

Available at www.ParkAccessories.com

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4. Rory Worby Slip Dress – $775

Let them be effortlessly sexy and opulent in this hand-painted silk slip by Rory Worby Studios. The artist turned entrepreneur creates these special, one-of-a-kind pieces in her art studio in Pound Ridge, NY. This slip was painted with natural sea salt creating a gorgeous textured wash effect. Cut on the bias for a flattering fit. Adjustable straps and raw edge takes this slip dress from coffee to cocktails, at home or elsewhere.

Available in a size 4-6 or custom order additional sizes at www.RoryWorby.com

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5. Remo Tulliani Faith Sunglasses – $145

Have you been blinding them with your intense love? Send them some sunnies to help keep their eyes safe. In the most chic and sensuous color of course! These Faith sunglasses by Remo Tulliani are made of shatter resistant glass lenses and are up to 95% UV and IR protective. All Stainless-Steel hardware allows the Faith to be hypoallergenic while it also offers full coverage.

Available at www.Tulliani.com

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6. 3Wishes Lingerie for Every Day of the Year – $10,000

For that super special someone that already has everything, why not give them it all? You can now purchase a year’s worth of sexy lingerie from the 3wishes.com catalog. The collection includes robes, teddies, camisoles, and plenty of sexy bra and panty sets. You can even have some fun with their costume collection. This gift will surely turn every day into Valentine’s Day which sounds like a win-win to us!

Available at www.3Wishes.com

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7. Shaun Leon Herbal Bathing Tea – $15

Bath them in love with the Herbal Bathing Tea from Shaun Leon. The relaxing bath blend gives new meaning to luxury. The aromatherapeutic formulation of detoxifying salts, skin soothing oatmeal, dried florals such as juniper, rose, chamomile and calendula, provide a calming effect, eliminating stress and soothing muscles.

Available at www.ShaunLeon.com

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8. Luz Ortiz Ada Necklace – $780

Diamonds are so obvious and so last year! Make a more sophisticated statement with this Ada necklace from Luz Ortiz. A timeless and sophisticated collar made in solid sterling silver with Cultured Freshwater Pearls. What a sensual way to show your love and adoration.

Available at www.LuzOrtizNewYork.com

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