Celebrate MLK Day with Negris LeBrum’s American Legends Series

In honor of the great activist Martin Luther King, Jr. and his life and achievements as a prominent American civil rights leader, Houston based fashion brand Negris LeBrum launches their American Legends Series. The collection of graphic tees re-imagines the history of America through the Black American lens. The first installment of this series entitled “Mountain Top,” honors the groundbreaking leaders Barack Obama, John Lewis, Martin Luther King & Malcolm X, whose faces are “carved” into the granite of a mountain top in the likeness of Mount Rushmore.

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Negris LeBrum is an African American owned, American runway collection that is a regular participant in NYFW.  Designed by Creative Director and Founder, Travis Hamilton, Negris LeBrum was inspired from a love story that began during 1940’s, between a young beautiful French Creole woman and a handsome man. Although their love was forbidden by societal difficulties, these individuals were brought together by a force that was greater than the both of them and through fashion their love story is being told to the world.   

Social responsibility is an important part of the Negris LeBrum company DNA with Hamilton supporting a number of social, cultural and educational projects. Additional installments of the American Legends Series include a design dedicated to former slave turned abolitionist, orator, writer & statesman, Frederick Douglass, who sits in majestic confidence in a pose made iconic by another statesman of monumental proportions. And in the third design, Lady Liberty serves as the inspirational figure that pictures the iconic abolitionist and “conductor” of the Underground Railroad, Ms. Harriet Tubman. 

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The collection of original screen printed artworks are designed on 100% cotton and printed in the USA. The styles runs from S-XXL and is currently selling for $77 at NegrisLeBrum.com.

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