Erewhon Market — Los Angeles’ luxury purveyor of golden milk, wellness tonics, keto muffins, bone broth and other high-end groceries beloved by Miley Cyrus, Halsey, Kaie Gerber, A$AP Rocky, Jake Gyllenhaal and more — is getting into ready-to-wear and gifts just in time for the holidays.

The first merch drop, Erewhon Archive I, is a $150 hoodie and $150 sweatpants set with the health food store’s vintage Sixties-era daisy logo, and a text overlay of its original mission statement that reads in part, “We at Erewhon are happy to offer these whole natural foods to you. Since food is basic to good health, and since good health is the foundation of a happy and creative society, we treat our food with the greatest respect and care.”

Erewhon was founded in 1966 in Boston, and expanded to Southern California in 1968, where it now operates solely with six stores in high-end communities Venice, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Silver Lake, West Hollywood and Calabasas.

The beautifully merchandised markets where one can easily drop $1,000 on vegan, raw and macrobiotic fare, feature exotic fruit displays to rival still-lifes, their own tonic bars and scene-y outdoor seating. Erewhon has become such a pop-culture touchstone it was immortalized by Kanye West in a tweet about Yeezy fits (“Erewhon drips”) and was the subject of a recent profile in Vanity Fair, which called it the “VIP room of grocery stores” and “the hottest pandemic club in Hollywood.”

Erewhon Silver Lake.  Courtesy

Alec Antoci, the 22-year-old son of current Erewhon owners Josephine and Tony Antoci, is responsible for the launch into rtw, after seeing demand for L.A. streetwear brand PizzaSlime’s Erewhon university-style sweatshirts released last year.

“I have wanted to do this since high school,” said the USC senior. “But I wanted a design direction that wasn’t just Erewhon putting its logo on something. During quarantine, I came upon a lot of cool archival content and photos. I want the collection of pieces to create conversation.”

The Erewhon fleece sweats are limited-edition, made in L.A. and will be sold online at erewhonmerch.com beginning Dec. 17, as well as in the Silver Lake location’s holiday pop-up shop with Maison Modulare.

Erewhon’s rtw is the newest merging of fashion and food, a trend that has spanned from luxury to streetwear; spawning such collaborations as Cha Cha Matcha with Nike, Sant Ambroeus with Supreme, Jack in the Box with Diamond Supply, White Castle with Telfar and Cheetos with Forever 21, not to mention Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Gucci and Prada opening their own high-end restaurants. The merging is only likely to grow now that consumers have become accustomed to shopping for apparel and accessories alongside groceries and other commodities on retail platforms such as Amazon and Postmates during COVID-19, and is something Europe and Asia have long understood, with the placement of food halls and branded restaurants in department stores.

Erewhon Archive I pants.  Courtesy

“We want to focus on the Erewhon history, and there are so many things we can do with it. We will be doing seasonal drops and collaborations are a possibility in the future. I want to do more than clothing, so there could be other product categories, including wellness,” Antoci said, adding that he’s also working on a coffee-table book about the brand his parents took over in 2011.

Erewhon’s link-up through December with Maison Modulare, an e-commerce site started by L.A. fashion veteran Chrys Wong, whose geometric lace face masks have been worn by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, marks another step into the lifestyle zone.

A self-described “good gifter,” Wong was a sales associate at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills before starting her new business, selling couture-like masks, hand-sculpted Oaxacan candles, silk pajama sets, paper goods and fragrance in the Erewhon pop-up and on her own online site.

“Each store we create we take in the community around it. People want a place that feels like home where they can meet like-minded people and connect,” said Antoci. “That’s why Erewhon is such a special place, it’s more than just what we carry inside.”

Maison Modulare’s pop-up shop at Erewhon Silver Lake.  Courtesy03

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