If glowing skin is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, Jennifer Lopez is ready to help. In an post, the -year-old superstar announced that her much-anticipated JLo Beauty line will launch on January , .

“This isn’t just a passion project, it’s a -year dream,” Lopez captioned a video of herself posing in a swimsuit. “I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you.”

Fans can sign up for early access—which starts Dec. —on the brand’s new website, which features a sultry shot of the seemingly ageless singer along with the quote, “Now, your glow has no expiration date.”

Photo by Wherbson Rodrigues

No specific products have been announced yet, but one video from the JLo Beauty account shows a rose gold bottle emerging from golden waves.

The soonest we can expect details, based on Lopez’s post, is also on Dec. . Until then, we’ll keep imagining what may be in store with products that will make us glow. 

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