15 year old designer creates personality dolls – a perfect gift for anyone

I would like to introduce 15 year old Author, CREATIVE Fashion & Accessory designer, Egypt Ufele. This young lady began designer and making clothes at a very early age. She learned to sew at the knee of her grandmother and was inspired by all of the fashion people around her. She has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, tv shows, blogs and more. This is a very creative young lady that we all need to gather around and support. She is making Personality Dolls. To make the Dolls she only needs a photo of the person. This is a great gift for someone, or to get a Doll of yourself. The price is very reasonable for all the work she puts in. Take a look and think about purchasing a Doll from this amazing young lady today. Remember we need to encourage our youth. It takes a village to raise a child. Let’s support.

Egypt Ufele is a 15 year old International Fashion Designer, UN Jr Ambassador of Peace, Anti-bullying Activist and Author of 2 Teaching Tool Books in schools worldwide.

Egypt Ufele Life By My Own Design Amazon.com 

She has been featured in Teen Vogue, New York Times. Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, People Magazine, Crains NY Business Magazine, CNN, Inside Edition, Access Hollywood many more  & received many awards for her work as an Ambassador of Peace.

During the Corona Virus Pandemic she made over 6,000 mask for First Responders & civilians around the world.

She start making Personality Dolls for comfort during these hard, depressing times.

My Personality Dolls are for everyone including Men, Women and Kid’s.

To place your order go to  Chubiiline.com or Chubiiline@gmail.com 

Let’s support this young fashion designer. Please share this article.  Press/Media please feel free to reach out to Egypt and do an interview.

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