Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand is excited to open The House of Sofia.  This Couture House will feature all collections Haute Couture, Couture and Prêt-à-Porte.

With 20 plus years of experience in the fashion industry, a degree in Fashion Design and Television/Communication, numerous successful collections and show productions, Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis, decided to open The House Sofia.  She explains, “The purpose of operating a Couture House is to bring “high dressing making” to a new clientele.  It’s time to redefine the vision of Couture to meet the needs of the New Socialite Woman.  “Paris has a definition of Couture and Haute Couture that does not include most designers.  I would like to redefine Couture so it more inclusive of independent fashion designers.”

“We have always had to “FIT INTO A BOX” created, defined or dominated by someone else’s vision, it’s time to develop a category that FITS our vision and stop allowing people to continue to keep us “OUT” because we do not have what THEY consider the STANDARD.  Let’s create our OWN”.



  • Who is the Clientele of The House of Sofia?  The House of Sofia caters to the Socialite, the Fashion Influencer, the SuperModels, TV Host, Red Carpet Celebrity, Front Row Royalty, Fashion Industry Elite and that special person that wants something different. 
  • What are the price points for The House of Sofia?
    Prices start at $150 and up.  The price point is created to attract the working woman that wants a finer made garment.
  • Most Couture garments prices start at $25,000, with Haute Couture starting at $50,000, why create price ranges starting at $150?
    We created The House of Sofia, to give Women finer constructed garments at a more affordable price point, making it more available while utilizing the same production ethics of the Paris Houses, with just a few changes.  We have three international design teams that create the garments 90% by hand.  We use rich fabrics and embellishments.  Our Couture/Haute Couture garments take approximately 6 weeks to deliver, depending on the detailing of the garment.
  • Why would someone want to purchase Couture or Haute Couture garments? 

    Woman want high quality garments when they attend special events.  Most don’t want to walk in and see someone in the same dress.  They want something unique, something everyone is not going to have.
  • Some people say “Couture is Dead”, why are you starting a Couture House?

Couture is NOT Dead, it just needs to be redefined for TODAYs client.  Couture began in the 1868, and the Chambre Syndicale de la haute Couture is defined as “the regulating commission that determines which fashion houses are eligible to be true Haute Couture Houses”, this was established in 1945.  It’s time for an update.  Couture is a HIGH LEVEL of sewing with fine fabric and THAT is never dead.  The way you market and interpret it may need adjusting.

  • Do you design every single piece of your collection?

I work with three Couture design teams.  Designer understand that each garment starts with a basic silhouette and it is constructed from that bases.  Therefore, as we discuss the next collection, I present my ideas.  The design team also comes up with items they feel l would like, from my submitted illustrations/creative boards.  I can then add or take away, shorten or lengthen, change a sleeve or neckline, or change the fabric, from what is presented.  I can also accept their suggestions for the collection.  It is a combined creative collaboration of ideas to present the best garments for the collection.  A sample is received before it is available for construction.

  • How were your last two Couture collections received?

One of my happiest moments was waiting to enter Atlantic City Fashion Week.  We have to bring our garments down for the fitting and have to walk past the models that were on line waiting to enter.  As I walked down the long corridor, I heard many models squeal in delight as my garments were rolled toward the entrance, “I hope I’m walking for her, look at those garments, the colors are amazing”.  While waiting to enter, I had a designer ask to see my garments, I happily uncovered them to show him.  I turned the garments inside out, as most designers know, that is when you have a well-made garment, you can turn it inside out.  The designer was SHOCKED to see that the garments were all LINED.  He exclaimed “OMG this is LINED?  Most would not have lined this as it takes a lot of time and the fabric is so delicate.  This is why the garment is COUTURE, special time taken with the smallest details and the creative design team to make sure the garment is presented at a high level.

This is the purpose of The House of Sofia, to created garments that are top quality.  To meet the needs of the Woman that wants something unique and need not worry about bumping into the same dress at an event.

  • What collections will The House of Sofia carry?

The House of Sofia will carry all of our prior collections, Body Goddess and First Class Couture. 

We are showing our new Couture Collection at Atlantic City Fashion Week, Saturday February 20, 2021.  Tickets are available at


We will officially open the House with a Couture Fashion Show on May 15, 2021 (depending on the state of the world) to present an approximate 60 piece collection which will include Prete-a-Porte, Resort Wear and Millinery.  This show will be geared toward Media/Press, Magazine Editors, Fashion Directors, Fashion Influencers, SuperModels and Boutique owners.

Thank you and please follow and like us @FashionAvenueNews and FANLuxuryBrand. 

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