• RCMA Makeup – RCMA Makeup has a cult following with many pro makeup artists, including Sir John, Mario Dedivanovic, and Jordan Liberty, to name just a few. 
  • Danessa Myricks Beauty – Founded on the principle that race, gender, age and personal style should not limit anyone from experimenting with makeup and discovering their signature look. 
  • Unwrapped Life – Plastic-free beauty brand that is on a mission to ban the plastic bottle for life by offering high-performance, low-waste alternatives that are entirely plastic-free!  Their best-sellers are their essential oil infused Hair Bars.
  • Bellway – Natural, sugar-free fiber supplement that promotes healthy digestion. Made with only 100% organic psyllium husk and real fruit.
  • Waksē – Luxury at-home waxing products that are so beautiful you’ll want to leave them on!  
  • Veil Cosmetics – Weightless complexion products that are skin care infused, mult-tasking, and illuminating.
  • CHRŌM Toothpolish – Like “nail polish” for your teeth! Non-toxic and developed by dentists.
  • Non Gender Specific – Clean skincare brand, for all humans, regardless of gender, skin tone, or skin type.
  • Support Creatives – 501(c)(3) beauty nonprofit offering artists with education, financial assistance, and mentorships.


  • MAKEUP ARTIST: Danessa Myricks, makeup artist and Founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty.
  • MAKEUP ARTIST:  Sébastien Tardief, Celebrity Makeup Artist with clients from Tyra Banks to Olivia Palerma, Co-Founder of Veil Cosmetics, and expert in natural makeup applications.
  • MAKEUP ARTIST:  Troy Edwards, celebrity and editorial makeup artist, and expert on all types of makeup application tips.
  • CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST & CURL EXPERT:  Michael Dueñas – Celebrity Hairstylist, Men’s Grooming Expert, Curl Expert, and Co-Founder of the beauty nonprofit, Support Creatives.  
  • ESTHETICIAN:  Shay Sadrolashrafi, Esthetician skilled in providing tips for at-home waxing, how to prep skin, and how to bring the salon experience to your home.
  • CLEAN SKIN EXPERT: Andrew Glass, Founder of Non Gender Specific, expert in clean ingredients, and creating a beauty brand with zero gender boundaries.

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