At Fashion Avenue News our motto is “Only The Best Will Do”, this is why we are excited to announce the Partnership with Industry Direct Model & Talent Placement, owned by Nina Nesbitt.  Nina is a SEASONED PROFESSIONAL in the Fashion Industry with over 30 years of experience.

Industry Direct Model & Talent Placement will provide an array of Talent for magazine Editorials and Covers.  We are already viewing their talent for our upcoming Couture Show in May, Fashion on the Hudson in July, FIFI Fashion Week and our Swimsuit issue.

The magic has already begun with Nina supplying three editorials and a Cover photo.  This is a great combination of two CEOs seeing the benefit of a partnership. 


Going back nearly 30 years, Public Access TV was my opportunity to gain exposure for modeling and acting. I remember I answered an ad in the Backstage (yes it was around even then) for a beauty host for a Public Access show. I answered the ad and went to the studio for an interview. There she stood… Sofia Davis – of the Brown Sugar Show. She was a go getter, making her way to shows and all things fashion in NYC and International.  We hit it off immediately and I began hosting the beauty segment!

We both took off in our careers and though we no longer worked together, I have fond memories of working with Sofia. We had a ball!!

We ran into each other about 8 years ago at another event. We embraced, but time and schedules got the best of us. So here we are…nearly 30 years in the making…A partnership based on GODS timing. We have both grown in our careers enough, to offer each other the best the business has to offer!! This is truly, a match made in Heaven!! I am honored to work with this woman of vision and resilience- Sofia Davis.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to step into my dreams all those years ago. WE get to partner again, nearly 30 years in the making…It was worth the wait!! Like fine wine, we get better with time!! Let’s GOOOOOO!!!

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