Ohhhhhh the FABULOUSITY of it all, Atlantic City Fashion Week, the BLUE PRINT for Fashion Week shows….. here’s what happen.

Media Mogul & Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Davis attended ACFW this weekend and presented them with the BEST FASHION WEEK SHOW, the BEST BEAUTY TEAM and the BEST MEDIA DIRECTOR Award.  Sofia says “I have been following Atlantic City Fashion Week since it was the PINK Show in New Jersey, it has always been professionally executed. I feel it is important to let people know when they are doing a good job.” 

Supermodel in FIRST CLASS COUTURE at ACFW- Photo Credits: Paul Walker IG @shootmenycmodels

 Even in a pandemic of COVID19 , the ACFW Team pulled together a SOLD OUT SHOW that was COVID19 safe with social distancing.  Each person that attended had their temperature checked BEFORE they entered the ballroom.  They had a team that were consistently sanitizing the area.  Each chair was industrialized cleaned after each show (they had a 3pm show and a 7pm show) and each person that attend had to keep their face mask on during the entire show.  They also had all models wear FACE SHIELDS and FACE MASK.  They were only able to remove them when they walked or were getting make up done.  With these procedures in place, they made everyone feel very safe, whether you were attending the show or participating in the show, you felt safe. 

(Left to right) Executive Producers, Lamont and Jeana Bowling, Director of Media John Staples. Photo Credits; Paul A. Walker

 If you have not attended ACFW, you need to, here is why; the show is professionally executed, starts on time, finishes on time, no breaks, everyone is ready.  Backstage, they have a PROFESSIONAL LINE UP so each designer knows when they go on.  They also send the designers all the information before the show, therefore you know what is expected of you.  They also send you the model compcards, I like this part because you know what size the model is before the show and your fitting should go extremely smooth.  You can fit the model from the compcard.  The area the designers have is very large and spaced out nicely.  They give you a prearranged spot with your name on the clothing rack, so you don’t have to fight for a space.  Everything is done for you, all you have to do is show up, it is a very smooth show.

The show is so popular that the Mayor of Atlantic City stops by to wish everyone well, and depending on his time, he will stay and watch some of the show. They have some of the BEST designers, that show a REAL collection and come from far and near to participate. 

They also have REAL PRESS/MEDIA that actually REPORT on the show, not just take up a space in the Media Pit.  They had numerous Newspapers, Magazine and Bloggers in their audience.

Let’s not forget the FABULOUS Vendors. They have Vendors that have great products at reasonable prices.

Some of the Sponsors for ACFW are: ShowBoat Atantic City, Brothers Sewing Machine, JBMS Photography, Oulac Cosmetics; South Jersey Magazine, Industry Magazine, Tropicana, and Tina’s Hair Salon

At Fashion Avenue News, our motto is “Only The Best Will Do” and that is why we presented ACFW Team with the BEST Fashion Week Show Award.

The next show is coming up soon, visit their website and get your tickets in advance.

SuperModel; Nalia Lebedinskaya in First Class Couture at ACFW. Photo Credits: Paul A. Walker

Stay tuned, designer reviews coming up, subscribe to our fashion blog.

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