Voglia Swim is an eco lux and sustainable swimwear line. This is a beautiful line. Voglia Swim was inspired by our world.  They will be showing at NYFW in February.  Follow them on social media Voglia Swimwear

Voglia Swim – means “WISH” in Italian, a wish of a cleaner, healthier and better world.

Our debut collection, Spaced Out, launched July 1, 2020 – made from regenerated fishing nets and materials found in our oceans, Voglia is helping clean up our beaches & oceans one bikini at a time. Proceeds from suits also benefit charities helping to clean up our oceans.

We will be showcasing at New York Fashion Week next February.

Make A Wish, Babe!

Ashley-Victoria Smith, Founder & Creative Director – visit their brand page

Voglia Swimwear

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