Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand keeps the creativity going despite the COVID19 epidemic.

FAN has created two new fragrances, SOLITUDE – as many of us have been during the COVID19 and MEMORIES, what many of us have for the times before the COVID19.  Creator, Sofia Davis says “during the COVID19, people have had time to be “by their self” and many have memories of what life used to be like.  With COVID19, all of that has now changed.  Normal will never be normal again.

Embracing the new NORMAL, these two fragrances were born.  We will be giving out LIMITED samples for people that follow us on our website – – (while sample supplies last).

As we present our initial campaign ads, we are presently looking for the “NEW FACE” for our upcoming Print and Digital Campaigns for the new fragrances.  If interested in being part of this campaign, we are taking on line submissions at Fashion Avenue News (in box us). 

We have also included our new Sensual and BeWitched Ads for Print and Digital.

Sofia Davis, Editor-in-Chief has been on Webinars, Zoom, and other informational webinars to stay current during these trying times. 

Fashion Avenue News is presently in conversation with other business leaders to bring additional webinars, dates and how to sign up coming soon.

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