We hope this article finds you and your families well.  With all going on in the world, it’s a wonder that magazines can still produce readable content that does not speak only about COVID-19, although that is our reality.

Fashion Avenue News has been working diligently throughout the lockdown.  We have been asking ourselves serious questions, like, how to sustain our business in the present state of the world.  What can we do to help people, generate income, maybe start something new?

Fashion Avenue News has always been a strong advocate of helping independent designers, that is the purpose of the creation of the magazines in the first place;

          Fashion Avenue News – Featuring independent and established fashion designers

          Model World Magazine – Featuring new, upcoming models, as well as established, to bring attention to their growing brands

          Beauty Boss Magazine -Featuring new, upcoming and established Hair & MUA.

          Couture – Features emerging and established Couture Designers

          The Fashion Dynasty – Features Travel, Fashion, Theater, Exercise, Cooking, DIY stories and editorials from emerging and established fashion industry talent.  This publication has a lifestyle flavor.

           LatinX – Features a Latin flavor, foods, dancing, travel and fitness.

Our goal is to help the independent fashion industry SELL their products to the public.  Here is what we did….

We have re-established our FAN TV shooting schedule.  Most know I’ve produced a fashion TV show for more than 20 years and after having built up an established eMail Marketing list along with a strong social media following and partnering with other social media influencers, we could help designers sell their garments to the public.  In addition, we will feature independent models to help bring attention to their brands.

We are working out of a Studio on West 42nd Street between 10th & 11th Aves.  This area is convenient to people traveling from anywhere.  With our July and August months already booked up, we are now booking businesses for the September and our Pre Holiday-October in studio interviews.  The pre-holiday interviews would air during the holiday months to help boost designer sales.

Therefore, if you are a business that has an area in fashion or beauty, DM or email us to be considered a guest on our show.  Kindly tell us about your business, enclose a bio/background and what product you sell.  We will get back to you shortly.

Please enjoy all of our July covers.  Support independent magazines.  Follow our blog for fashion updates.

We look forward to working with you soon.


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