Fashion Avenue News is HONORED to participate in one of the most PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED FASHION WEEK SHOWS.  We have long admired the Producers of this show for their professionalism, execution of the show and the most FABULOUS, FLAWLESS BEAUTY TEAM I’ve ever seen.

As you may know, Fashion Avenue News had created the BODY GODDESS COLLECTION, under the Model World Magazine enterprise.  Body Goddess Collection is made for the confident woman, who is comfortable with their body, no matter the size, age or shape.  – Sexy, Sophisticated & Confident!

Body Goddess Collection goes from BodyCon Dresses to Oscar worthy Gowns, including accessories, there is something for everyone.

We are PROUD to participate in the Atlantic City Fashion Week show this September 19, 2020.  We cannot express our thanks enough to ACFW for allowing us to show our Body Goddess Collection, for the FIRST TIME in a Fashion Week show.  No better place to begin our FASHION REIGN, than ACFW, one the most professional shows around. All garments are available for sale at the show.

We are asking friends to come out and support the first official Fashion Week showing of the Body Goddess Collection at Atlantic City Fashion Week Saturday September 19, 2020, at the Show Boat Hotel, tickets available at

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