First of all, Congratulations to Kenneth Ize on his Karl Lagerfield collab, my question is, the brand (Chanel, which Karl Lagerfield was in charge of ) just recently started making foundations for women of color. I remember going to Bloomingdales to get a Chanel foundation and was told, “We do not make shades in your color” I’m not trying to be funny, but why do we even spend our money on brands that do NOT WANT US. (you can see from all the Black Face, St. Johns University Fencing Professor, etc. that are now coming out). They now see how STRONG the Black Dollar is and now EVERY BRAND got a “BLACK PERSON” because they don’t want to lose money. Don’t fall for it, It’s just a token so they can say, “See, We Support Black People, Look We Have A Black Person in the position of (FILL IN THE BLANK), we are not RACIST. If they really felt the person was right for the position, they would not wait for the “GEORGE FLOYD” Murder to appoint or collab with a BLACK PERSON. I believe everyone has talent, all we ask is just OPEN your MIND so you can see OUR talent. Just OPEN THE DOOR, WE CAN DO THE REST…. everyone deserves a FAIR CHANCE. (I’m singing the James Brown Song, “I DON’T WANT NOBODY TO GIVE ME NOTHING, OPEN UP THE DOOR, I’LL GET IT MYSELF” – just did a James Brown Split and a scream ohhhhhhhhhhh)

NOTES: All of a sudden they want BLACK PEOPLE, when Vogue magazine would not even let a BLACK PHOTOGRAPHER shoot the cover for more than 126 years, Bazaar Magazine now has a BLACK EIC after 153 years, Alton Mason became the first black male model to take part in a Chanel runway show in the brand’s 109-year history. Janaye Furman became the first black woman to open for Louis Vuitton in the fashion house’s 163-year history, Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld had a black model close his Autumn show at the Grand Palais in Paris. Adut Akech made history by being only the second BLACK model in the fashion house’s 108-year-long existence to close the show as a Chanel bride, suddenly Karl Largefield wants to collab with a BLACK DESIGNER, all of a sudden they want BLACK PEOPLE,when we been here all this time, IJS, #FACTS #IDONOTWANTNOBODYTOGIVEMENOTHINGOPENUPTHEDOORILLGETITMYSELF


EXCLUSIVE: Karl Lagerfeld Brand Taps Kenneth Ize for Capsule

A limited-edition capsule collection is to debut in April 2021.

By Miles Socha on June 26, 2020

Kenneth Ize

Kenneth Ize Courtesy Photo

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