Discussing the irony of having to wear masks in sequence with the unmasking of the ugly scab of racism in America. The caustic parallel lies in tandem with a sudden pandemic which had most of the world on lockdown, deaths scaling in numbers by the day and wavering leadership. As if that wasn’t enough; multiple horrific murders of African American men and women ensued and are still going on as we speak. All of these critical events leave us Creatives asking, “Where does fashion have occupancy in the midst of this crisis?” Well, leave it to creatives to turn lemons into lemonade. Masks are now mandated by law if you are venturing out in public. If you shop online for masks, you will be amazed at the number of creative masks being made by fashion designers, seamstresses and everyday people. There are graphic printed masks, personalized masks, embellished masks, fringed masks, masks with chains and the list goes on.

Photo by cottonbro

So as our masked society goes on with their daily lives. Let us appreciate the progression being made toward justice as we celebrate this day of freedom. We can only hope for a mask-less society that reveals justice for all, healed hearts and a return to “normal”.

Author: Monique Ross – Content Director FAN-DC

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