The State of Plus Size Fashion Amidst Covid-19 and Civil Unrest

Amidst a time of a world wide pandemic and racial divide rivaling the civil rights moment in the 60’s we must still ask the question, “what am I wearing today”? Not as easy an answer as it may have been just four or five months ago. With “Cancel Culture” at an all time high it’s relatively difficult to find a brand that offers clothing that is a reflection of your own personal style and moral values. I dare say this has become even more challenging for the plus size consumer that was already working with slim pickings. As an African American plus size woman myself I can tell you that “the struggle is real”. Not only do I have to make sure that they carry my size I also have to make sure that it is a black owned business or at the very least that they are not major contributors to non progressive far right legislation or ideology. It can be exhausting to just find a pair of jeans nowadays.

So, I am going to be a blessing in your life and provide a list of clothing brands that are either black owned and that openly denounce any anti-black racism. It may not be as convenient as going to your local mall but trust me, the feeling of supporting people that support you is double rewarding. We can be the change we are looking for, one outfit at a time.

Feminine Funk
Chic And Curvy
Belle Rene
Doll be
Monif C.
True Diva Designs
Body Goddess Collection
Pearlina Designs
Courtney Noelle Inc.
Zelie for She
Flaws of Couture
Gwan by Charon
Kin by Kristine
Christian Omeshun
Dear Curves
Lavenders Jungle
Wendy S Collection
August Raye
Bling Darling Couture
Z by Zevarra
J. Bolin
Steffany Allen Limited
Phat Girl Bouteeque
Dean of Fashion
LeCoiffeurNYC Collection
Diva Kurves
Sofista Funk
Rue 107

SuperModel Tazah Richardson

Author & SuperModel: Tazah Richardson

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