The first half of 2020 has been a hard one on us all.

The covid19 virus has caused the quarantining of people for weeks on end, the closing of schools and stores, the loss of jobs. Empty shelves and long lines at the super markets. People waiting in their cars to receive boxes of food for their families. And even more heart wrenching, is the massive loss of life.

Bling Darling Couture

As we move into the spring and summer months, the trees are filling with leaves and the flowers are starting to bloom.

As the rules that had us locked indoors are starting to be lifted, we can now get out and display our spring and summer beauty.

The Bling Darling Eyewear, they can be worn with your mask to make your own fashion statement. It’s time to bring a smile to our faces and to feel good.  Let Bling Darling Eyewear put that first smile and style on your face




Write Up: Nanette R. Swain

Production Team: Lead Photographer: Hank Pegeron | @hpegeron, Creative Director: Nanette R. Swain, Logistics Director: M. Adonis Layne

Designer:  Sofia Davis (Bling Darling Collection)

Models: Nanette R. Swain, Phyllis Spencer, Stacey Greene, Mera’ Janee Ellison, Kaynichole Wallace

Location: Bryant Park & New York Public Library NYC.  

D.I.V.A.A. Casting Network & Productions Inc., HP Marckit Enterprises LLC and M. Adonis Layne Productions

#hankpegeron #divaagroup #marckitimagery #FashionAvenueNews @FanLuxuryBrand #BlingDarlingCouture

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