The current circumstance brings a wave of change to the Fashion Industry.  Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand, has decided to redefine its Fashion Calendar schedule.

We produce shows for Designers to sell garments, PERIOD!! Therefore, we feel, in the interest of the health and safety of our Clients, Press and Media, it is necessary to cancel the remaining shows for 2020.  This includes Fashion on the Hudson, The Fashion Symposium, FIFI Fashion Week and the $5,000 CASH Designer Competition. 

The shows we produce host approximately 2,000 people, and we generally turn away 1,800 per show.  With this in mind, we feel it important to keep Social Distancing on the front line.  We care about the health and safety of our models, designers, HMUAs, clients and all attendees.

Fashion Avenue News, will lead our Luxury Brand into the future by developing a New Fashion Calendar/Fashion Week Show that is more conducive to the season.  We will show “IN SEASON”, and make garments available Direct to Consumer.  Clients will have the opportunity to purchase at the shows or visit our POP UP Showroom, where they can try on and purchase the collection in private.

Photo by Truth Enock

The present fashion calendar schedule was devised back in 1940, and is old and antiquated.  The reason they had the shows in September and February is because, at that time, clients would order from the designers showing, it took 6 months for the client to receive the garments or even to get the garments in the stores.  Today, is a different world, our clients want it now… therefore, change is necessary. 

Now more than ever, it’s important that Fashion Avenue News, the Luxury Brand, continue to move at its’ own rhythm, respecting the clients we serve, globally.  We will show in the interest of OUR CLIENTS, not when someone says “IT’S FASHION WEEK”. 

We will launch our collections following a detailed plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by our clients’ and designers needs and not by profit, alone.

Fashion Avenue News, The Luxury Brand, “We don’t BLINDLY follow the masses, we do what is best for our Luxury Brand, we move to our own RYTHM.

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