With the ongoing virus epidemic, the question is, should “Independent Fashion Week Producers” do a show this September?

Many of the top designers have cancelled or postponed their shows in September, but should the Independents cancel? 

Designers have stated the reason they are postponing or cancelling their shows is they cannot order the fabrics and accessories necessary to produce the garments.  Also, most garments are produced in China where labor is least expensive.

For lots of producers, this is how they make their money, producing shows.  But what about the designers, models, attendees and participating public?  Would they be risking their lives by attending the shows?

As much as making money is important, so is the safety of your loyal followers and attendees.  Is it more important for you to produce a show or to make sure people are safe? 

Here is a look at the pros and cons of doing a show.


  • This is how producers make money, they do shows
  • They are locked into contracts
  • They can request everyone wear mask and gloves
  • You may be able to negotiate a good price because most venue will need people to attend.  They have been closed for a long time.
  • They can work on the 6 feet apart for models, designers and HMUA.
  • They have been on lock down so long they want to come out swinging


  • People will be in close contact with each other
  • It’s very hard to monitor social distancing
  • Backstage, models and designers will be close together, can’t help it
  • Designers may not have money to pay the participation fees
  • Many people may not be comfortable and will not purchase tickets, so you may not have good attendance.
  • You have already paid for the venue
  • You will lose money
  • If someone gets sick from your event are you in for a Law suit?
  • Some people do not show symptoms but can still have/spread the virus, can people sue you if something goes wrong?
  • Most insurers will not want to take on your event, will you be able to purchase insurance for your event?

With the state of the Country today, I do believe this is something to think about very carefully.

If you do this show for the people, then consider THE PEOPLE in your planning.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT….. I welcome your comments.

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