With this state of the union, of lockdown, this gives one time to reflect and ponder the future.  So many questions…. Not a lot of answers…..

The Fashion Industry has had a chance to look at the fashion schedule of 2 main shows (Sept. and Feb.) on the calendar, adding resort wear, couture, RTW, menswear, bridal and lots of other independent shows that pop up.  This calls for a lot of preparation, time to rethink the way you connect with your clients.

Most of the Fashion Industry has cancelled or postponed their September shows and have cancelled the ResortWear and moved the Men’s wear show. 

Perhaps we need to look at producing shows that are more “UP TO DATE” with the times.  The antiquated system we now use was created many years ago (70-80), and no longer work with the present times.  The way the system is now, you show in September, (Spring/Summer), have garments made and shipped to stores by Spring so clients can purchase.  This no longer works, most clients want it NOW. 

We at Fashion Avenue News agree that a change is needed, we have been rethinking our calendar of events.  Going forward we believe, it will be important to show “In Season”, where clients can purchase NOW.  Our goal is to SELL GARMENTS, not just produce shows, therefore, this calendar change seems right. We will be speaking with fellow producers in reference to creating a calendar that works for our customers and designers.

We would welcome your opinion of the fashion system change, when should designer show or should they show when they are ready and not on a schedule?

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