The Governor is suggesting people wear mask when going outdoors, here is an idea.

Why not make your own mask with things you have right in your house…… A SPONGE….. yes an everyday SPONGE….. why a sponge…..  a sponge absorbs liquid more than most items you may have. 

Here is an idea (this is what I made my mask from)

I took a shoulder pad, which already has the triangle shape so you don’t have to cut it, I put straps on the side to hold it close to my face.  I prefer to use Velcro straps to make sure its TIGHT, and now I have a very strong, absorbent face protection mask from something I had in my home.  I doubled the shoulder pad for extra protection.  Just think, if any liquid comes in contact with you it has to fight its way thru the sponges before it can get to your nose and mouth.  Sponges are highly absorbent and you can breath thru them.

You can also use the a bra pad. Most of these are made of sponge like fabrics and double it to create an strong mask.

Photo by cottonbro

This is a way to make a mask that will not cost you anything.  Try this, you can take a shoulder pad or bra pads from a old garments.

If you purchase a mask, the question is when will you get it? how will you get it, if you make your own, you eliminate these questions.

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Stay safe, we look forward to your comments.

Photo by cottonbro

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