Five years ago I was invited to a Fashion show in DUMBO Brooklyn, NY.  It was entitled “Invited VIP Celebrity Guest”, I was thrilled, being called a Celebrity WOW.  I was not sure if I knew the producer, but she seems familiar, so off I went.

Upon arrival the place was PACKED to the hilt, to the point, even though I was the “VIP CELEBRITY GUEST” I have to fight for a seat, I LOVE IT. 

As the show commenced, the Producer looked familiar, was not sure where I knew her from, but I know I knew her, it hit me, it was Wendy Isaac from St. Kitts.  The St. Kitts Public Relations firm had invited NY Press to go to St. Kitts for approximately 4 years and that is where I remember Wendy Isaac from, the Press trips to St. Kitts.  I remember her being a Beauty Queen, and into Fashion & Styling, and here she was in NY producing a fabulous fashion show.

The Boss Lady, as I have affectionately renamed her, hit New York City with a BANG.  She was the quiet before the STORM.  She has navigated her way from the beautiful beaches of St. Kitts to explode into an International Luxury Brand she now spearheads from her headquarters in New York City.

The Boss Lady is not a big talker, some might think she is aloof, she is not, she is an observer, like a Fashion Sherlock Holmes.  This is one smart cookie, she has all her ducks in a row!

The Boss Lady now produces an “ALWAYS SOLD OUT” annual International Fashion Extravaganza, entitled Le Coiffeur Styles The Runway.  This packed event features VIP tables, a Fashion Lounge and general seating.  She features 18+ International & Domestic Fashion Designers, along with Models of all sizes, height and ages.  The Boss Lady says “LeCoiffeur is a show for everyone”.  With a show of this magnitude you are surprised at how it runs, like a well-oiled machine.  SHE STARTS THE SHOW ON TIME.  She let all her attendees know, “We are a PROFESSIONAL SHOW”, we start and finish on time.”  This is not the place for a latecomer.

Each designer must bring their A Game, and that means producing a new collection each season.  All of the garments are for sale at the show. 

The Boss Lady is not just a Producer, she is a much sought after Fashion Stylists.  She can do everything from arranging your closet to handling your entire wedding.  She is no stranger to international travel as she is requested by Beauty Pageants to ready the girls, she is flown to Japan for numerous styling assignments and she works closely with Bergdorf Goodman in New York City – can you get any more fabulous than that?

Most may think The Boss Lady is all BEAUTY………………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she has BRAINS TOO!!!! She has a Masters in Finance (so don’t mess with her money), speaks 3 languages, she is a strategic business woman, who knows how to maneuver deals.  She sits on top of her very own FASHION KINGDOM with her Luxury Cosmetic Line, her Skin Care Line, her Couture Resort Wear and her Fragrances.  She regularly shows her collection during New York Fashion Week to sold out crowds.  She has won numerous awards and presently produces her very own TV show – Style Wednesday with the Queen of Style. (Wednesdays live on Facebook at 7:00pm LeCoiffeurNYC page).

You would think that she would be too busy to take on anything else…..NOOOOOOOOOOO… she is also Editor-in-Chief of Fashion Avenue News Caribbean.  This luxury publication brings you all there is to know about what is happening in the Caribbean Fashion World.  Having won many, many awards, she is respected worldwide as the QUEEN OF STYLE!

With her loyal team and mentors in tow, this lady is just getting warmed up, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I could go on and on, but the best way to experience The Boss Lady in action is to see her.  Get your ticket for the International Le Coiffeur Styles The Runway show coming April 18, 2020 before they all SELL OUT!


Saturday April 18, 2020
The Watson Hotel
440 West 57th Street
NYC, 10019

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