The AMAZING Designs of Leandro Cano

The universe of Spanish folklore music and singers is the inspiration that designer Leandro Cano brings us for the 2020/21 season.

These women were very iconic for their time. They had very strong personality and they helped take the Spanish folklore culture to a different height. This collection is also about the present and future of Spanish folklore.


Most of the elements of the collection are inspired by flamenco and Andalusian culture. We have introduced iconic pieces as a coin that we have designed specially for this collection with a flamenco dance hand posture on one face and the Andalusian 8 Point star on the other. Also prominent in the collection are the big carnation flowers and Manila shawls which are very iconic of Spanish folklore culture. The colors prominently used are shades of red and cream with splashes of other color.

As the collection also represents the present and future of flamenco music, we can find realistic sculptures with the face of a Spanish flamenco singer (María José Llergo) of highlighted in the collection; she is a new age flamenco signer and for me she is an embodiment of how a Spanish folklore artist should be.


All the designs in the collection are gowns, some short and some longer. The upper bodices are fitted whereas the skirts are voluminous and bell shaped with crinoline and cancan inside.


The fabrics we have used this time are mostly recycled fabrics from previous collection. They have been revamped and given a new life like the jacquard fabric, coated denim etc. We have also used eco-finish leather, dyed with natural pigments etc.


For this collection we have designed a coin it is the highlighted print of the collection. It has a flamenco hand clapping posture on one face and the Andalusian 8 points star on the other. This print has been used prominently. The other print which is very important is the carnation flowers. These flowers look like they are made of wax and melting away under heat.


Strongly highlighted is the face of Maria Jose Llergo (Spanish flamenco singer) which we have used in different ways throughout the collection. The coins are another important element of embellishment. We have also used metallic and plastic bobs in fringes and lower hems to add dramatic effect.

NOTE: Dresses may not be in the order as described below

The description of the dresses is as follows:

Dress 1: Concha. Knitted with red wool. The dress is decorated with gold filigree and coins made with a special design mold for the collection.

The outfit is complemented by a maxi-mantilla also made in red knit and decorated in the same way as the dress.

Dress 2: Dolores. Made in twill with a layer of wadding. The dress is complemented by a frame on the back from which hangs a mural made of hardened fabric adorned with gold jewelry.

Dress 3: Carmen. Dress made of printed fabric adorned with gold filigree and coins. On the head, defying gravity, it has a maxi shawl in which the fringes have been made with the macramé technique

Dress 4: Rocio. Dress made of white hair from which hang realistic sculptures of faces made with the technique of emptying. The look is complemented by a veil made of organza and hair.

Dress 5: Pastora. Dress made in white jacquard painted and embroidered by hand with stole. Both the dress and the stole have realistic sculptures of faces made with the emptying technique.

Dress 6: Lola. White leather dress from which hangs at the waist a floral sculpture made of hardened fabric, providing a 3D effect to the print.

Dress 7: Juana. Dress made of printed fabric with the coins made for the collection. The dress is complemented with a flag. The fabric has a 3D effect thanks to the replication of the print on hardened fabric.

Dress 8: Estrella. Dress made of green fabric with glass inlay of the same color. The top has been made with the same method as an armor. The dress has applications of the same glass.

As usual, Pret-a-Porter collections for different seasons are created from the artistic collection. The first of these, presented simultaneously with the artistic one, called IMPERIO, will be available at Totem Fashion from the day of the presentation.

The thread of the collection is red. Composed mostly of dresses, the collection is an ode to the show and elegance that gave the world folklore.

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