G.O.A.T. – Greatest Of All Time Magazine

Fashion Avenue News would like to introduce its’ newest publication G.O.A.T. Magazine (Greatest Of All Time).

This publication was developed to honor fashion industry independent talent that have devoted their lives to the art of fashion, hence, GREATEST OF ALL TIME Magazine (G.O.A.T.).

We are in the planning stages of a kick off party (just give me a reason to have an event), in the meantime take a look at our additional publications.

Background on Publications:

Fashion Avenue News – Haute Couture, American Couture, Luxury, High end, Fashion and Cover Models.  At this publication, “Only The Best Will Do”.  We carefully hand pick the Models that appear on the covers.

Model World Magazine – Young, Fresh, Fashion Trend magazine catering to the upcoming Socialite.

ONE of a Kind Magazine – This is a Lifestyle publication with a taste of Fashion.  We feature Unique Models on the covers.  Articles such as travel, trends, cooking, and exercise are featured in this publication.

Fashion Avenue News Caribbean – The same upscale FAN with a Caribbean flavor.

Fashion Avenue News Hollywood – The same upscale FAN with a Hollywood spark.

Fashion Avenue News India – The same upscale FAN with an India twist.

Sartorial Man – All Men’s publication featuring current fashion trends for Men (bi annual)

LatinX – Sophisticated publication with a focus on the Latin Fashion Industry.

Beauty Boss Magazine – This amazing publication features the works of emerging and established Beauty Talent from across the globe.

Greatest Of All Time – Our newest publication will feature the Best of the Best – G.O.A.T.

Would you like to learn the magazine business, be a Fashion Journalist or Fashion Reporter?  DM or email us and let chat (SDavis@FashionAvenueNews.com) – who knows you may develop your own magazine after working as a Fashion Journalist and getting an understanding of the business.

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