As a Luxury Brand, Fashion Avenue News is always searching for that next Creative thing….. we never RELAX (what is that….LOL)…. We would like to introduce you to our next big thing…………THE COUTURE LOGO INSPIRED FAN LUXURY SHOE LINE……..

Fashion Avenue News will have 4 different styles of Couture Logo Inspired Shoes. These items will be Couture, Made by Order, in other words, they will be ordered when someone makes a purchase and not “ready to wear” shoes that are kept on a rack.

FAN is excited to partner with a shoe manufacturer in Australia, that was willing to work with us to bring the idea to light. The style of the shoe is not new….. but the Logo placement and brand creativity is all ours.

We plan to do a introduction to the Couture Luxury Logo inspired shoe brand soon. We will keep you posted.

RSP Starting: $200.00

PRESS/MEDIA: Shoes will be available for Press Pulls, kindly forward Creative Mood Board to

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